Fall-tivities that aren’t cancelled due to COVID

So this fall is obviously very different than any we’ve ever had before. And I’m not going to lie, because the fall is my favorite season, there were a few days where I was pretty bummed that a lot of the activities I’d normally look forward too, would be a no-go for us this year.

And while the biggest bummer for me is definitely the absence of fall/Halloween at Disneyland, I’ve rounded up some activities that are still happening and a few ideas that will help this year’s fall season live up to all the rest!

COVID Safe Fall Activities

+ Go Apple Picking : we’ve gone to Willowbrook Apple Farm in the past, you can check out the video here, they are still open for apple picking, however masks are required, as is social distancing. The great thing about apple picking, is that you’re outdoors so you have plenty of space to spread out and separate yourself from other parties.

+ Bake all the pumpkin things : I’ve become notorious for making (the most delicious, if I don’t say so myself) pumpkin bread this time of here. My recipe is here! But in addition to my beloved pumpkin bread, I love making pumpkin muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls, etc! Basically anything pumpkin is right up my alley and there’s nothing better than baking some fresh pumpkin cookies to enjoy as the weather gets cooler!

+ Visit a Pumpkin Patch : I know a lot of pumpkin patches throughout the area have decided to close due to the COVID pandemic but there are some that are still operating under social distancing and mask required standards. Last year, as I was hoarding white pumpkins for our wedding, we visited Tanaka Farms out here in Orange County. They are now open to visitors who can come pick their own pumpkins off the vine! Here’s the website for more information. My biggest piece of advice would be to visit an actual farm to pick pumpkins/apples/etc, they will have more space allowing for better social distancing, rather than your local neighborhood pumpkin patches that are set up in various parking lots.

+ Decorate for Fall : I typically go all out with the fall decorations, but if you haven’t before, I’d say this is the perfect time to do so! If you can’t soak up the fall-ness elsewhere, might as well make your house the perfect fall escape! If you ask me, this requires A TON of pumpkin scented candles! I may be a bit narcotic BUT the second week of September, I’ve got all my pumpkin decor up and ready. Once October 1st hits, the house is turned into a Halloween Haven- which lasts for the month and then come November, the fall aesthetic gets very much reinstated until December, when winter decor will no doubt take over. Decorating is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m willing to bet you’ll love it too!

+ Start thinking about your Halloween costume : I know that Halloween may not be “fully” happening this year, but you can still dress up! You can spend extra time prepping and planning your Halloween costume, even making it yourself! If you need some inspo, I’ve got you covered! Joey and I make/put together our costumes every year and have a blast doing it! Click here, here, and here!

+ Do a pumpkin taste test : We recently did one and can definitely give you some recommendations! But now might be the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try some things you’ve never tried before! This could also make for a pretty fun date night idea as well!

+ Cozy up and start a new book : There’s nothing quite like getting cozy and starting a new book! On those fall mornings when the air is crisp and cool, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside with a good book to start your morning off right!

+ Go for a picnic : Probably one of the best things coming out of COVID for us, was the start of little picnics in the park or the back of Joey’s truck. This is something we never did before and will definitely continue to do. It’s been fun for us to get take out from our favorite restaurants or pack lunches and just drive to the beach or the park, set up some lounge chairs, and enjoy the views!

Well, that’s all from me today, is there anything you’ve come up with to help commemorate the season while still recognizing we are in a pandemic? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Have a great week!

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  1. Heck yess girl, these outdoorsy alternatives are giving me life!! I need to find myself a pumpkin patch out here in CO, definitely one of my favorite things to do!!!

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