Last year’s Halloween costumes- some inspo.

While I’m not going to leak any details about this year’s costume, I will re-cap what we did last year. Sticking with our relatively new tradition, we did a Disney mash up for Halloween last year. In the past, which you can see here, we’ve done Cruella De Ville and a Dalmatian, then Aladdin and Abu. Last year, we did Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter and then for a second Halloween party, we did Men in Black. Since we knew we needed 2 costumes, Joey chose one and I chose one. I think it’s obvious who chose which 😉

I will give you a little hint here- we aren’t doing anything Disney related this year. It takes some serious planning and with Halloween being 2 days before our wedding, I just can’t commit and then not go all out lol. So this years costume will be a little simpler.

SO back to last years! Here’s what you’ll need to recreate our looks:

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Alice in Wonderland 

  1. Black ribbon for hair bow– I bought black ribbon for like $1 at Michael’s and made it myself.
  2. White off the shoulder tee– bought online at Forever21. If we’re doing costumes that can double as real “clothes” that I’ll wear again, I definitely try to make that happen. I don’t like spending a ton of money on an item I’m only wearing for a couple hours one night. That being said, I also keep all our costumes and re-use a lot of items for other costumes.
  3. White tights– bought these at Target, for like $5. Not bad at all.
  4. Blue skirt- this I bought online, on Amazon, you can get it here! 
  5. Small white apron– bought mine at Michaels (in the painting section) and used a coupon so it was super cheap!
  6. Black Toms- already had! I also try to use items we already have if possible.

Mad Hatter 

  1. Top Hat– got it from the Spirit Halloween Store and bought the bow fabric from JoAnnes and put the two together ourselves. The 11/2 we had to throw in there instead of the real 10/6 that he wears in the movie. Little shoutout to our wedding date before we even announced it yet!
  2. Bow Tie– got the fabric at JoAnnes and made it ourselves.
  3. Gray shirt– Joey already had.
  4. Plaid pants– got them at Forever21 super cheap and on sale.
  5. Mix match socks– used some Joey already had.
  6. Converse– already had 🙂
  7. Green jacket– we literally flipped it inside out for the “mad” affect. Got it at Forever21 as well! And Joey actually wears it out and about now!




Men In Black

This was one pretty easy for us to do. Joey has plenty of black suits so I just wore one of his, hence why I’m drowning  in it. All we had to do was go buy me a black tie! Which we got at H&M and Joey wears it now!


  1. Black suits if you don’t have access to one, I’d try going to a GoodWill for some cheap options!
  2. Ties– try H&M or Forever21 for options that you might want to keep and wear again.
  3. Sunglasses– we both already had Ray Bans, but you have to complete the look with some shades! Cheap versions are also sold at Halloween costume stores.
  4. Dress Shoes– again, used Joey’s but you could get some at GoodWill to be cost effective or wear some black shoes you already have!

This costume was a pretty good one for the laughs, I mean looked hysterical.  It’s always good to have some fun with your Halloween costumes and not take them too seriously! Hope this gives some inspiration to you guys out there! Get creative!




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