The most WONDERFUL time of year!

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I feel like every year this is my favorite post to write. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for fall. It’s my absolute favorite season and always has been. Even as a child, it was never Christmas or winter that got me excited, I just always loved and looked forward to visiting the pumpkin patch, baking pumpkin treats, and dressing up for Halloween.

There’s just always been something in the air that comes with fall- the coziness and warmth. It was so easy picking a wedding date for me because I instantly knew we’d have a fall wedding. Fall also happens to be Joey’s favorite season so um, #soulmates.

Every year I make a list of my favorite fall things and my fall to-do’s to really celebrate the season. This year, with all the wedding fun going on, I’m not going to have time to do them all but I’ll share them with you anyways in hopes that you’ll get out there and enjoy the events for me!

Fall Favorites & Funtivities

  • PSL. Need I say more? Three little initials that make my world go round. I’m definitely that basic B that is counting down the days till Starbucks brings it back, and I have no shame. Go get yourself one to really ring in the pumpkin-ness. 
  • Pumpkin scented candles.  (Or any fall scented candle for that matter). All fall scents are just on another level. I have a hard time not burning them all summer. 
  • Pumpkin treats/food. TJ haul coming soon! The recipes and sweets in the fall are out of this world. I love a good pumpkin/butternut squash ravioli. AND I love making my pumpkin dessert bread! Recipe here. 
  • Pumpkin patch. You have to at least visit a pumpkin patch during fall! Even if you don’t buy any pumpkins. It’s so much fun to walk around and take photos! Of course, we end up buying pumpkins every year for decor!
  • Pumpkins (in general).  I honestly don’t think there’s anything more aesthetically pleasing than having pumpkins everywhere. I’m obsessed with it. I highly suggest decorating your house with pumpkins! 
  • Weather & Fashion. I always look forward to the weather cooling down. I know summer is great and fun but really, I’d much rather it be cold than hot and I especially love dressing for the cold. There’s nothing better than getting ready and throwing on a big chunky sweater, beanie, and boots! 
  • Apple picking & Cider making. If there happens to be an apple farm near you, please please please, go apple picking and pay the extra money to turn your apples into apple cider! This was so much fun for us and I wish we could make it out this season but our apple farm closes after our wedding so we won’t have time! You can watch our experience apple picking for the first time here 🙂 
  • Disneyland! I think Halloween time at Disneyland is severely under-rated. How Christmas beats it out is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas time is absolutely AMAZING at Disneyland, but that big giant Mickey pumpkin in the front is really my jam. Buuuutttt, this year, I won’t make it to my favorite place for my favorite season. If you want to talk about sacrifice…I gave up my annual passport 8 months ago, when it expired, so that we could save more money for our wedding. But you best believe I’m getting it back first thing! 
  • Halloween. I love looking up fun, creative ideas for costumes. And especially love making my own. I’m not really one for buying pre-made costumes. You can see what Joey and I have done in the past here. It’s become a bit of a tradition that we don’t tell anyone what we’re dressing up as and no-one sees us until we post the photo of the costumes ourselves. It’s become such a “thing” that friends and people on Instagram will literally message me Halloween ideas and what they think Joey and I should do. It’s so much fun! I’m going to do a recap post of Halloween costumes soon, since I never talked about our 2 costumes last year. Aaaannndd follow me on Instagram (@amandac_smith) to see what we do this year! 
  • Carving Pumpkins. We always make it a point to do some type of fall activity with pumpkins every year, whether its carving them or painting them. This year, we’re skipping out because well, you know. I’d love you to carve pumpkins so I can see!
  • Fall Activities: Every year we also have a night where we’ll binge watch a few Halloween movies (post on that coming soon!) while baking Halloween cookies and doing some sort of craft. In the past we’ve bought styrofoam skeleton heads and bedazzled them ourselves, we’ve bought ceramic pumpkins and Frankenstein heads and painted them, we’ve even done decorating skeleton gingerbread men! (I got a skeleton cookie cutter for Christmas one year and we’ve had a lot of fun with it lol).This year we’re having friends over and we’ll all be pairing up to build a Haunted House (the gingerbread house that Trader Joe’s sells for Halloween) and competing to see who can build the best/scariest/most creative one!
  • Color Scheme. The color scheme for fall is just totally me. All the neutrals, tans, and deep purples and oranges is really everything I dream of! I love how easy it becomes to buy cute clothing in the fall! 
  • MY WEDDING! My forever favorite thing about the fall will always be that it is going to be the season I get married in. I’m over the moon excited and just want the day to be here and then last forever. 29 DAYS TO GO MY FRIENDS! 

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Well, there you have it. All my favorite things about this time of year. Do you have any traditions or things you look forward to about the fall season?I’d love to hear about them in the comments!




  1. I was in a cleaning frenzy yesterday (some do it in the spring… I do it in the fall) and was burning 4 different fall candles all at once. My house smelled like the best thing ever!

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