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I know we’re probably all at a place where we are feeling pretty restless about the current situation we’re in. Staying inside is probably getting boring and just, as my mom puts it, “stale.”

Regardless of our own personal feelings, we’re all in this together and staying inside and staying home is only going to improve the situation, at a faster rate, for all of us. In the mean time, being someone who is a self-proclaimed homebody, I’ve made a list of things that have helped me stay entertained and creative at home, during this time especially. Read below for my suggestions on books, movies, TV shows, activities, etc.

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+ Read  :  I’ve finished 2 books so far and just started another 2. Reading helps keep your mind engaged and can also help you escape to another world. What better time than now to do that? These are a few of my favorite books (as well as some that are on my list to read) that I think would definitely bring you some happiness during these times. All books are linked for your convenience!

+ Workout :  It takes up some time and you’ll feel more productive afterwards which might actually motivate you to get other things done, like cleaning, reading, etc.

+ Do a puzzle : Puzzles are a fun way to challenge your mind and also give you the feeling of having accomplished something. We recently completed on of my favorite puzzles of all time (this puzzle) and I’ve just ordered some more of the same collection. If you find a puzzle you like, you can even consider framing it and using it as artwork in your home.

+ Watch : When it’s time to wind down or you’re feeling like you want to zone out for a bit, here are some of the things we’ve been watching/shows I’ve watched that definitely help me escape reality for a bit, and yes, a few are absolutely bat s&*t wild (cue Tiger King).

 » Shows 

          • Designated Survivor : Netflix (currently on Season 2)
          • Peaky Blinders : Netflix
          • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel : Amazon Prime Video
          • Once Upon a Time : Netflix (one of my all time favorite shows)
          • Tiger King : Netflix
          • Formula One Race to Survive : Netflix (one of Joey’s favorites)
          • Love is Blind : Netflix
          • The Circle : Netflix
          • See : Apple TV (absolutely amazing and mind twisting)
          • The Morning Show : Apple TV
          • This is Us : NBC on Demand
          • Gossip Girl : Netflix (I can watch reruns of this show forever)
          • The Office : Netflix

» Movies

          • The Divergent Series : TNT on Demand (just watched)
          • Planet Earth Documentaries : Disney + (obsessed with these)
          • The Disney Classics : Disney + (I’m personally starting to rewatch all the classic Disney Princess movies, even if they’re on in the background while I’m working on the computer)
          • The Irishman : Netflix (a good way to take up 3+ hours)
          • Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse :  Netflix (super cute)
          • Dumbo Live Action : Disney +
          • Onward : Disney + (the newest Disney movie just hit the streaming service)

 » Comedy Specials 

          • Ellen Degeneres, Relatable : Netflix
          • Hasan Minaj, Homecoming King : Netflix
          • Marc Maron, End Times Fun : Netflix
          • Seth Myers, Lobby Baby : Netflix
          • Iliza Shlesinger, Unveiled : Netflix (newlyweds; brides especially will love this one!)
          • Kevin Hart, What Now? : Netflix

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+ Be artistic:  Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and draw or break out a coloring book and destress by coloring in (or outside) the lines. You can even cut up some magazines and make a collage or vision board. 

+ Play : Games are always a fun way to engage your competitive spirit and challenge your mind. Play physical board or card games with those in your immediate household or you can download virtual games with your friends! I’ve written a few good apps below.

+ Cook : Find a recipe you like online and get cooking! There’s no reason not to spend hours in the kitchen anymore. You can even pull out some of your seasonal favorites, you know, since there’s no longer any rules as to what season we’re even in. I’ve already made my favorite pumpkin bread recipe while in quarantine. Recipe here if you’re interested! 

+ Get active on Pinterest : I’ve spent some time reorganizing my Pinterest boards and I’ve got to say, it was pretty satisfying getting things cleaned up! You can even take some pins and make a virtual collage to serve as your new computer desktop! Let’s connect on Pinterest! Follow me here.

+ Learn a new language : I’m currently using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish!

+ Listen : Go through your iTunes and organize your music into playlists. You can recreate my favorite playlists here.  Or find a new podcast to listen too!

» Podcasts 

          • The Joe Rogan Experience
          • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
          • How I Built This with Guy Raz
          • Serial
          • Office Ladies

»Music (a few songs I’m loving)

Are there any shows/ podcasts/movies/ music/ recipes you’re watching/using? I’d love to give them all a try and add them to my lists! Let me know in the comments!



  1. I really want to read Girl, Wash Your Face! There are so many motivational books out there, it is hard to know which ones are worth reading. I definitely preferred the Netflix series Girlboss to the actual book but loved The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. xx


    • Girl, Wash your face is really good! I love Rachel Hollis’ writing style. I want to read her second book soon! I’ve heard about GirlBoss but haven’t got to it just yet. I’ll have to look up The Year of Less! I love stacking up on new books. Thanks girl! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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