Wedding Wednesday- The Playlists


For today’s Wedding Wednesday, I’m sharing our wedding playlists. Like everything I’ve probably said a million times, Joey and I were very deliberate and detail oriented with everything when it came to our wedding, the playlists were no exception. We handpicked every single song that played and built a spotify playlist that our DJ had access too. For Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Cocktail hour, and the Wedding Party Grand Entrance, the music was 100% our specifically chosen songs. I’m not sure the order at which they played or how he transitioned them, because you know, I’m not a DJ but DJ Ray did an amazing job and everything flowed SO WELL!

For our dancing playlist, we gave him probably 7 songs and the rest of the night was all him. We did however, give him the songs to play for our Mother/Son dance, Father/Daughter dance (which extra shoutout to DJ Ray for mixing the arrangement of the songs my dad and I danced too), our special entrance song, bouquet toss, garter removal, garter toss,  and then closing song. We had such a great time and our dance floor was packed the entire night! If you’re looking for a DJ, I cannot recommend DJ Ray enough. We honestly have a friend for life now, he’s such an amazing human being.

Now, I’ll share our playlists with you.


This is important to set the mood as your guests are coming in. As a bride, I honestly didn’t hear a single song that played during this time because my bridal party and I  were out taking pictures, but I play the playlist quite a bit now when I’m home cleaning or cooking dinner, I love it so much. Our playlist was 1 hour 8 min long and our DJ started playing it an hour before ceremony time. We asked our guests to arrive by 3:30 pm and we walked down the aisle at 4 pm when everyone had been seated.

Speechless: Dan +Shay

Eyes on You: Chase Rice

Beautiful Crazy: Luke Combs

From the Ground Up: Dan + Shay

Grave: Thomas Rhett

With You: Tyler Shaw

Parallel Line: Keith Urban

Making Memories of Us: Keith Urban

Without You: Keith Urban

Handmade: Bexar

Die a Happy Man: Thomas Rhett

I Am Yours: Andy Grammer

In Case You Didn’t Know: Brett Young

Last Name: Bexar

Yours: Russell Dickerson

The Good Ones: Gabby Barrett

Big, Big Plans: Chris Lane

When You Fall in Love: Andrew Ripp

World for Two: King Calaway



– Joey and the wedding party walked down the aisle to “I Choose You” by Andy Grammer.

– I walked down the aisle with my dad to the instrumental version of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. Give it a listen here! It instantly boosts my mood and gives me butterflies. 

-Once we were announced as Mr. &  Mrs., our exit song was “Always” by Andy Grammer and we had our DJ start the song with 38 seconds left so that the song hit the way we wanted it too.

Cocktail Hour

– During cocktail hour, we took all of our family photos. The Cocktail Hour playlist is 1 hour and 15 min long. Guests were free to go to the bar and play games out on the lawn during this time.

Look What God Gave Her: Thomas Rhett

Best Shot: Jimmie Allen

You Make it Easy: Jason Aldean

Love Never Felt So Good: Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

Smoke Clears: Andy Grammer

Life’s Too Short: Darius Rucker

You’re My Better Half: Keith Urban

The Difference: Tyler Rich

Wrapped Up in You: Garth Brooks

All My Life: K-Ci & JoJo

I Found You: Andy Grammer

Good Girl: Dustin Lynch

September: Earth, Wind, & Fire

Come and Get Your Love: Redbone

Take it From Me: Jordan Davis

Truly Madly Deeply: Savage Garden —> Do you remember this song?!?!?!

Born to Love You: LANCO

Only One: Chris Bandi

Anything She Says: Mitchell Tenpenny (feat Seaforth)

Lady (You Bring Me Up): Commodores

Say Yes (Church Ballad): Lukas Graham 


Wedding Party Grand Entrance

– Because we’re such big fans of the TV show, The Office, we had our wedding party enter to “Forever” by Chris Brown. Look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen The Office’s rendition of it. It’s hysterical.

-Joey and I entered in with “Finesse” by Bruno Mars and went straight into our first dance once we ended up in front of our sweetheart table. Our first dance was to “Your Everything” by Keith Urban. (I’d dreamt about dancing with my husband to that song since I was a little girl and it was such a surreal moment having it become a reality).

Dinner Playlist

-This playlist was just under 2 hours and was played in the background during dinner.

Love Someone: Lukas Graham

Sing To You: John Splithoff

Telling All My Secrets: Mitchell Tenpenny

Here Tonight: Brett Young

Good As You: Kane Brown

Handmade: Bexar

Somebody Like You: Keith Urban

Makin’ Me Look Good Again: Drake White

10,000 Hours: Dan +Shay & Justin Bieber

Every Little Thing: Russell Dickerson

Steal My Thunder: Keith Urban

Greatest Love Story: LANCO

Beyond: Leon Bridges

All For You: Keith Urban

More than Love: Los Lonely Boys

Only You: Parson James

Circles: Wyn Starks

Without You: Keith Urban

Too Young: Connor Duermit

Why I Love You: MAJOR

Born to Love You: LANCO

Promise: Lukas Graham

Good Time: Niko Moon


Mother/Son Dance

-Joey and his mom danced to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. It was such a special moment and made me cry while I was watching them dance. 


Father/Daughter Dance

-My dad and I started with “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw and danced to that for about a minute, then we picked up the pace a bit for some fun. About a month and a half before the wedding, we asked our DJ to create a medley for my dad and I and told him we wanted to have some fun with our dance and not have it be so serious, so we created a choreographed dance. After the minute of our true song, it broke down into 3 different songs: “Low” by Flo Rida, “Super Freak” by Rick James, and “Jump On It” by The Sugarhill Gang. DJ Ray ended the medley with a bomb explosion and it was the perfect finale to our dance! (You can see the whole breakdown of our dance & song medley in our wedding video- it starts at 10:05 minutes in, just follow this link).  


Special Entrance

-After our Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dance, Joey and I decided that we were both going to change out of our wedding outfits and into “party outfits.” With this wardrobe change, we decided we’d create a little scene where we had DJ Ray announce that we were missing, then had Joey’s best men slowly open the doors to the dance hall, where we emerged in different outfits (and for me a different hairstyle) and broke into a choreographed dance that ended in a soul train with our wedding parties. We re-entered to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen (my absolute fav song of theirs and the perfect vibe for our wedding celebration). Everybody had a blast singing and dancing to the song, it was so much fun. If you want to watch how this went down, you can fast forward the wedding video to 13:54 minutes in, same link as posted above!



-This was where we gave our DJ the most creative freedom to really just feel the crowd and play what he thought was going to work. We gave him a handful of songs to get things started.

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It: Will Smith

All Star: Smash Mouth–> this one was my choice, I HAD to have it played!

24K Magic: Bruno Mars

Get Down On It: Kool and The Gang

Bye Bye Bye: *Nsync–> again, my choice, lol

You Need to Calm Down: Taylor Swift

7 Rings: Ariana Grande

The Git Up: Blanco Brown

Dancing Queen: ABBA


*We also had a special moment during dancing where we did a tribute to our grandparents. We played “Remember You Young” by Thomas Rhett. We had our DJ ask all of the married couples onto the dance floor and while the song played, everyone slow danced and every 30 seconds, he’d announce, “if you’ve been married for less than 5 years, I need you off the dance floor, etc, etc.” He did that until Joey’s grandparents were the last ones standing. It was so sweet and a great way for us to honor them and their marriage. They’ve been married for 64 years!



Bouquet Toss

Man! I Feel Like a Woman: Shania Twain 

Garter Removal/Garter Toss

Removal- Nobody: Keith Sweat

Toss- Who Let the Dogs Out: Baha Men 


Cake Cutting

I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch): The Four Tops

Last Song

– Again, being such big fans of The Office, we ended our night with “Closing Time” by Semisonic. It was so cute, everyone put their arms around each other and we just swayed together as the song played, then towards the end, Joey and I got in the middle of everyone and slow danced as everyone swayed around us. It was a great way to end the night.

Well, hope you enjoyed reading about our music choices! I highly suggest creating similar playlists for yourself for any occasion, especially if you’re getting married! I’m so happy we did, because now we have the playlists for the rest of our lives and we can always play them and be transported back in time to our wedding day.




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