At Home Workouts.

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Honestly, working out from home hasn’t been too big of an adjustment for me. I’ve actually never had or used a gym membership. When your favorite form of working out is to run, and run for extended periods of time, a gym really isn’t all that necessary.

I’ve always been a runner, it’s a hobby that I’d say was passed down to me by my dad. In middle school he would take me running with him and then in high school I was the crazy kid who actually liked being on the cross-country team. There’s something so freeing and soothing (I won’t necessarily say relaxing lol) about running and just listening to your breathing and your own heartbeat. I don’t even run with music when I’m running outside. If you’ve never been much of a runner before, I’d challenge you to go for a walk/jog during this time of quarantine just to get your body out of the house for an hour every day, I always feel so much more productive and uplifted after having gone for a run and am willing to guarantee it’ll do the same for you.

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Now that I’ve been home for the past 2 weeks, I’ve taken advantage of having the extra time and sunlight to run outdoors. When Joey finishes work around 5pm, I’m already laced up and ready to head out for our evening runs! I’ve also been mixing in some body weight training, yoga, and pilates as well.

Today, I’m sharing my weekly workout schedule & accounts I follow and use for my at home workouts!


45 min outdoor run followed by 10-15 min of walking and stretching.

Rather than running for distance, I like to go for time.  I track the distance on my Apple watch so I always know if I’m running further or not but running for time allows me to just focus on the run itself. I’m not competing or anything like that. If I know I’m going to run for 45 minutes, it doesn’t so much matter to me how fast I’m going, but becomes more about enjoying the time outdoors and listening and paying attention to my body.


30 minute outdoor run followed by 20-30 minutes of pilates/yoga.

After running two days back to back, my body tends to feel very tense and tight. I like to throw in and alternate between a pilates or yoga video after our second day running to really help  me stretch and lengthen my muscles. The videos are easy to follow and all you need is space on the floor.

+ 25 Minute Full Body Pilates Video 

+Yoga with Adriene   : There are SO many great videos to use. She has a yoga class uploaded for almost anything and any specific body area. I love the yoga for upper/lower back pain videos.


30 minutes of body weight exercises, we pick 1 abdominal exercise, 2 lower body exercises, and then 1 upper body exercise for me and 2 for Joey (he’s extra like that).

We have some fitness bands and a stability ball at home that we’ll use for some exercises, but majority are all done with body weight only.We usually pick 4 exercises and do sets of 10-20 (depending on the exercise), doing each of them 4 times total- alternating the exercises.

+ Women’s Health Magazine Workouts : You can search the site and build your own workouts/create your own circuits using their exercises. I’ve linked a specific article to 50 of the best at home exercises!

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45 minute outdoor run followed by 10-15 minutes of walking and stretching.


30 minute outdoor run followed by 10 minute abdominal specific circuits. Joey likes to put together killer ab workouts so on Friday, we’ll do an ab specific circuit to finish off our workout.


30 minute outdoor run followed by 10 minutes of walking.


Day off/ relaxation/ self-care day.

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What’s your workout schedule looking like lately? Truly, creating a schedule and sticking to it has been the most important thing for me during this time of isolation. Hopefully this inspires and helps motivate you to keep things moving!



  1. I love how motivated you are to keep fit! I wish my work-out schedule looked like this but honestly I was lucky if I managed to work out 3 times a week before this lock-down. Hoping to use this time to try new fitness videos and increase my fitness level. Thank you for sharing. xx


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