Favorite Games for Game Night

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With this whole torrential downpour we’re experiencing here in Southern California (not to mention the whole corona virus outbreak), it’s pretty apparent that we may be experiencing quite a bit of our time indoors. SO in preparation of that,  thought I’d break out the board games and puzzles for the week/weekend ahead.

As most of you probably already know, Joey and I are complete homebodies so staying bundled up all weekend watching the rain is a pretty damn good time for us. We love to cook in, light all our candles, and throw a movie on the TV. When it comes to hosting little get togethers, our idea of a good night really isn’t any different. We love having friends/family over and usually find ourselves huddling around the coffee table competing and playing games. Have you guys ever seen that movie “Game Night.” with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams? That’s totally us, we loved that movie because how all of the friends compete is a spitting image of how our game nights typically go.

With all this rain we’re experiencing, I thought I’d throw together a list of our favorites and ask what yours are as well! To shop, simply click the name of the game!

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Catchphrase: This is a staple in not only our house, but every single one of my family members’ houses as well. We’ve started a little tradition and play catchphrase every holiday as a family. Catchphrase is a fun game to play when you have a big group of people, we usually play guys vs girls as well- you know, to really up the stakes. There’s a variety of generations of the game, so you can collect them all! We have 3 different versions and switch off so that no one memorizes the answers!

Uno: A classic game we grew up playing. Uno is great for traveling as well, we always take it to Lake Havasu with us and will play in the hotel room at night. Also, great for big groups of people!

Taboo: This is a great game! My bridesmaids and I actually played together in 2 teams and it was so much fun. It’s especially fun when your inside jokes with your friends can become clues in the game! If you’ve never played Taboo before, I’d for sure get it a try! I recently had a bunch of my coworkers over for a bbq and we played taboo for like 2 hours and it was a blast! We even have an “X-Rated” version which gets pretty hysterical.

Tipsy Tower: This one we got at a gift exchange at a Christmas party last year and we’ve played a couple times. It’s basically Jenga but with things written on the blocks, so if you pull one, you might have to “take a shot”, “run around the house”, etc. It’s pretty fun.

Heads Up: This is an App you download on your phone! We always  play this game when we’re waiting in line for rides at Disneyland, and it’s just as good hanging around the house. There are a bunch of fun decks and new decks are added pretty regularly.

Trivia: I’m a sucker for trivia games. I absolutely lovee them because as you’re playing, you’re learning stuff. We have a trivia game on the playstation that you and your guests play on your phones. It’s so much fun.

Fibbage: If you have a playstation, I’d recommend you give this one a try. It’s kinda hard to explain but basically everyone logs on using pseudo names and you play using your cell phone. A trivia question will pop up and you try to come up with an answer that is most believable in an attempt to get the other players to choose your answer once all the entries are put up on the tv. Whoever “fools” the most, wins the game!

Anomia: This is one of those tricky card matching games, but when you come across two cards that match, you compete with the person who has your matching card. Each card as something like “name 3 male names that start with J” or “Name the colors in the rainbow” but the mind twister is this, you have to answer the question on your competitors card before they answer yours!

Spot it: This one we used to play when we would travel for college soccer. We’d all play in the hotel rooms or in the airports. It’s a good, easy card game for big groups!

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What are your favorite board games? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!



  1. We just got back from our cruise (!) and my brother brought a game that is different than any other I’ve played and loved it. It’s called Gloom. It’s a storytelling game and instead of creating happy endings, you’re trying to tell the saddest ending. It was so much fun that some of the other families in the game room started watching us!

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