Fort Night & other Quarantine Date Night Ideas

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So, what do you do when your normal Disneyland date night is canceled? You improvise.

A couple weeks ago, my Friday nights consisted of pizza and Italian creme sodas at our favorite Downtown Disney restaurant followed by strolls through Disneyland to get ice cream cones while watching the fireworks.

For the time being, those Friday nights are definitely on pause (for good reason). But that doesn’t mean our date nights have to stop, that’s when I had what I’m calling my greatest idea ever. I told Joey I wanted to build our own “castle” and watch Disney movies on the floor- bringing all my childhood sleepover memories back to life. We got out all our blankets and sheets, blew up our camping mattress and built the damn thing!


It was the most fun #stayathome date night building our little hideaway and then enjoying the magic of Disney+ , seemingly curing my own Disney withdrawals.

It’s all about the little wins people. With that, I’ve rounded up some of our other #stayathome date nights that we’ll be no doubt implementing over the next few weeks. Let me know if you guys try any!

Stay at Home Date Nights

+ Build a fort in your living room, pop some popcorn, grab your favorite candy, and throw on your favorite movie together.

+ Look up ballroom dancing videos on Youtube and try to learn one. (We used Youtube videos of slow dances/dips/twirls to learn what we wanted to do for our first dance at our wedding and probably had more fun learning the dance over the couple months than we did actually doing it).

+ Crack open a cook book you know doubt have but have never opened, and actually make a recipe from scratch together. Turn off the cell phones, tv, and just play a playlist in the background. You can use my favorite playlists by following this link 🙂

+ Build a puzzle together. Same rules apply ^^ No phones, no TV, just you, your partner, snacks, and some music.

+ Play some board games together. We’ve got Monopoly and Scrabble on deck this week! Rummy is a fun, easy game to learn as well! And you can play with a normal deck of cards. For more game options you can follow this link. 

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

What fun stay at home date nights have you guys already tried? Do you have any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

And if you build your own fort, be sure to tag @OnAnotherCoast on Instagram and hashtag #fortnight so I can see your creations!


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