All things Bridal Shower- The Decor

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All I’ve ever dreamt of was having a beautiful, relaxed, bohemian themed shower- something that fits me all too well And that’s exactly what I got! My bridal shower took place on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and it was absolutely amazing. My sister, mom, future mother in law, and best friends did an amazing job decorating  (as expected post bachelorette party extravaganza).

Now, I’m so happy to be able to share all the photos of everything with you all! I can’t take credit for any of it, but I’m happy to share the all the details!


Welcome table- complete with flower crowns for all the guests and Disney matching games(complete photos at the very end of this post, take the quizzes and I’ll let you know how you did)! My best friend Vanessa made all the flower crowns! I’m going to see if she’ll do a guest post on how to make them soon! I’m honestly keeping mine forever!

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Upon walking into my in-laws backyard, my sister had this frame propped up and it basically made me start crying right away. So sweet.

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My mother in law to-be rented tables for the backyard complete with the perfect purple table cloths that really tied everything together so well! My bestie Natalie set up the cutest centerpieces and made the rustic “F” pieces herself!

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In my opinion, no bridal shower would be complete without a) a mimosa bar and b) a dessert bar. Mine were absolutely beautiful! See for yourself below!



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Natalie made all the desserts, including my favorite pumpkin spice donuts!

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Next up, the mimosa bar!

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How cute are the details with the fruit?!?

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You can’t have an event without the perfect backdrop!

I absolutely loved how everything turned out. And am so grateful and appreciative for all the effort, time, and planning from everyone in order to create my dream of a bridal shower. I’m a pretty OCD type person and like to be in control of like everything, but I’ve really learned to let go and hand over control this past year (you know, because I had too) and I’ve been pretty blown away by how well people know me, to the point where literally everything I envisioned in my head, without me saying a word or dropping a hint, was done. It was true for my bachelorette party and even more true for my bridal shower.

A big piece of advice I’d give for any bride out there, would be to let go of the reins and trust your people. Your best friends and family are paying closer attention than you think and will make your dreams come true.

I hope this gives some inspiration to anyone out there throwing a bridal shower!

And as promised, down below are the full Disney matching quizzes to take at your leisure! Thank you for reading!

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  1. The Love Songs and Couples games were easy, but the Quotes one… no idea! I think I answered 3 confidently! Such a fun idea for a bridal shower though. 🙂


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