Disco Bachelorette Party to Catalina Island- a photo diary

This past weekend I had the chance to throw my girlfriend’s bachelorette party!! We chose to spend the weekend in Catalina Island and it was absolutely beautiful. Here’s a little photo diary of the weekend and I’ll break down items purchased and will link them as we go!

+ itinerary I made online myself and printed on shiny cardstock- I downloaded a pdf version that I texted to everyone a month ago, and then I printed them for everyone to have in their goodie bags.

+ shirts we ordered from Etsy; ItsAnAestheticCo , we added her custom wording option because we had girls in our party that aren’t bridesmaids in the wedding, so we wanted something different than your standard “Bridesmaid” logos. We went with ” I love the Bride” on the party shirts and on the brides, we put “I’m the Bride.” They came out great and are such great quality!

Let’s breakdown the decor- I legit had two LARGE suitcases and a duffle bag that I hauled to Catalina with me to make sure I had the place decorated to the T! I’m fully aware that I tend to go over the top with these things, but it just makes me so happy!

Bridesmaid goodie bags

+ gift bag tags and name cards I made online and printed on cardstock

+ iridescent gift bags : super cute and reusable!

+ group tees : custom tees, Etsy

+ disco tumblers

+ retro sunglasses : I bought pairs in all different colors so that no-one matched. These glasses are super cute and great quality! Definitely long lasting and not cheapo party glasses!

+ iridescent hair scrunchies

+ disco ball bead necklaces : also used extra as decorations!

+ liquid IV packs

+ Neutrogena makeup remover on the go wipes

+ Bachelorette party tattoos “If I’m lost buy me a drink!” : Etsy! Shop ships super quick!

Welcome Table Decor

+ Orange boa

+ rotating disco lights (2)

+ mini disco balls

+ 4 in disco balls

+ off-white table cloth, bought at party city to throw over the glass table

Dessert Table/Island Set-Up

+ Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses : one of the bridesmaids’ who couldn’t make it to the bachelorette party sent these for everyone, which was a really sweet idea! She also Instacarted the Tequila for me to bring too! Linking some similar ones, she hand painted all of our names on the glasses!

+ white boa

+ decor vinyl records : I actually had some leftover from my daughter’s Two Groovy birthday party.

+ tiny men for glass holders : write your name and hang on your cup!

+ let’s party napkins

+ diamond ring napkins

+ disco ball paper plates

+ sour patch kids, sour ropes, and ring pops : bought at Party City and threw along the middle of the boa for my centerpiece! Our bride’s favorite candy is anything and everything sour!

+ white powdered donuts : these were great for everyone to snack on as we all had a chance to unwind after the boat ride to the island!

+ multicolored plastic cups

+ rose gold paper straws

Disco “Wall” / Party Favor Station

+ LAST DISCO banner : bought a pack to build your own banner

+ iridescent ball garland

+ pink disco ball tumblers : bought in the dollar section at Target, took the tops off and filled them with glow sticks!

+ glow sticks

+ Disco bachelorette party temporary tattoos

+ disposable cameras (bought 2 with vintage cover) send home with the bride!

+ polaroid camera : linking my polaroid camera, a few other girls had one too, so we had a few we used!

Bride Gift Table

+ goodie bag : all the same items as linked above for the bride tribe goodie bags!

+ BRIDE straw

+ Bride to be sash

+ sandals were a gift from a bridesmaid who couldn’t make it

+ BRIDE purse, also a gift from another bridesmaid!

+ custom last name jacket— TAGOFTHEJAG

Bride Room

+ engagement ring balloon

+ bride balloon

+ letter to the future Mrs : at my bachelorette party, my girlfriend had my (now) husband, write me a letter addressed to “The Future Mrs. Franco,” it was such an emotional touch to add to the weekend and one that I’ll never forget. SO I had to make Steph’s fiance do the same thing to leave on the bed for her.

Balloon Arch/Backdrops

+ LAST DISCO balloons

+ Rose gold foil backdrop

+ Disco ball balloons : left extras all around the place and also filled the Bride’s bathtub with balloons!

+ burnt orange balloons

+ white balloons

+ pink/magenta balloons : I already had from previous parties, so I’m not sure the exact shade.

Alright, we’ve officially completed all the DETAILS of the weekend! Our first night, we played games in the Airbnb, made pizzas, and just listened to music and hung out the entire night. The second day, we bar hopped, toured the island in a golf cart, had lunch, and then went back to the house to get ready for out night out!

Night two, we had a nice dinner before hitting a karaoke bar! Where we literally shut the place down. Because our theme was disco, we had everyone dress up in their best “disco” fits! It was so much fun and our bride had a blast! Which is really the most important part!

I’d highly suggest planning a disco themed party if you haven’t!

All purple everything! Fit details

+ top

+ bottoms

+ wig : SO much fun!

+ rhinestone belt

+ leopard jacket : bought at a boutique in Orange County years ago, it’s my favorite jacket!


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