Toddler Bathtime Routine

After dinner, we typically spend some time winding down- which usually consists of watching a little bit of a movie or cartoon, reading a book, or playing with toys! After Avery’s had some time to digest, we begin the bedtime routine!

+ Bath : we use The Honest Co. lavender bubble bath and the lavender shampoo/body wash in the bath. I used to love lathering Avery up in the body wash but now she loves doing it herself and playing with all the bubbles! The Honest Co. has a ton of different scents for both the shampoo and bubble bath, I love lavender and everything purple in general, so I always order the same one 🙂 After we’re done with our bubble bath, we get wrapped up in our towel to dry off.

+ Lotion : after the bath, once Avery is all dry, I apply lotion to her whole body to keep that baby skin nice and smooth! We were dealing with a little bit of baby eczema recently so I stopped using lotions that contained fragrances and started using this Hones Co. lotion which has really helped!

+ Brush hair/brush teeth : I brush Avery’s hair while she brushes her teeth herself.

+ Baby Vapor Rub : if she’s dealing with some congestion/runny nose (which I feel like has been pretty constant as of late) I’ll rub a little bit of this on her chest before bedtime to help her breathe better!

Then it’s straight to bed! I’ll offer Avery a warm cup of milk before bed (some nights she takes it, some nights she skips it) and then we sit and cuddle together in her rocking chair for a few minutes before she’ll tell me “night night” and that’s when I finally lay her down and tuck her in for bed!

** this post is in collaboration with The Honest Co. all opinions are my own**

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