Little Tikes Coup –> VW van DIY

We threw my daughter a TWO GROOVY themed birthday party last month, and as part of the decor and also has a gift to our daughter, we did a little DIY project and turned a red and yellow Little Tikes Coup into a VW style van!

It took about 4 days to complete, with all of the layering of the spray paint and allowing each coat to completely dry between coats.

What You Need

+ cozy coupe (we found ours on a second hand site for $20!)

+ two different colored spray paints of your choice (we chose white and tan)

+ two plastic drop cloths, one for under your car and the other to wrap the top portion while you spray paint the bottom portion

+ painters tape

+ VW logo wheel center caps

+ chrome molding trim

+ faux flowers and styrofoam to fill the cup holders and hold the flowers in place (bought both at Michael’s)

+ heavy duty glue– we used E600 to glue the VW logo and chrome molding details to the car

Step by Step How To

+ remove the steering wheel from your cozy coupe and place the coupe on top of your plastic drop cloth and spray paint the entire car white (or whatever your primary color is).

+ use painters tape to draw a line between top and bottom halves. Be sure to create the “V” shape in the front of the car! Then, using your second drop cloth, wrap the top half of your car up completely, using the painters tape again to tape it into place.

+ use grocery bags to cover the wheels to keep them spray paint free! We spray painted the entire center portion of the wheel white as well.

+ spray paint the bottom of your car tan (or whatever your second color is).

+ taking your chrome molding detail, glue it along the line where the two colors are separated.

+ taking your VW logo, glue it to the center of the front of the car.

+ using paint, or whatever you’d like- paint or draw on the “head lights” of the car! we drew flowers on our headlights to match our theme.

+ using styrofoam, cut into the size of the cupholders in the bag then, using your faux flowers, poke them into the styrofoam to hold them in place.

+ if you’re super extra (like we are), paint on your own license plate! Joey looked up what California plates looked like in the 70s and copied it for ours!

It came out super cute and our daughter LOVES it!

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