Entertaining a Toddler: a few of Avery’s current favorite things

The baby to toddler transition has truly been on of my favorites yet. I love how now Avery actually has preferences and can clearly tell us what she likes and doesn’t like. Obviously over the past 2 years, we accumulated a ton of toys, books, etc- some of which she couldn’t care less about, some that she gets so excited to play with, and some things we use absolutely every day.

If you’ve got a toddler, here’s our current round-up of must have items!

+ Toniebox : Avery got one for Christmas from her cousins and absolutely loves it! She knows how to switch between songs and frequently switches between characters LOL. I love how much she loves it and think it’s so cool that as she knows more characters (especially the Disney ones), we can add to her collection! Avery will literally play with her box and dance and sing along for hours!

+ Art Easel : Another winner of a Christmas gift! This easel does it all and Avery especially loves drawing on the chalkboard! We like to use it to draw shapes and letters for Avery to learn too!

+ Step Stool : this has been great since now Avery likes to “help” in the kitchen and likes to watch us cook, she loves climbing up into the stool!

+ Pottery Barn Chair : Avery’s had this since she was a baby and has started to love it more and more as she’s gotten older.

+ Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Toy : Avery likes to make the cones and pass them out to her dad and I, it’s really cute.

+ Coloring books : Avery LOVES to color and will frequently go to her crafts drawer to pull out the coloring books and markers/crayons for us to color together on the floor. I keep a ton stocked up in her drawer of all her favorite characters, right now thats Buzz lightyear, The Little Mermaid, and Minnie Mouse!

+ Magnatiles : these keep Avery entertained for hours! And I have to admit, I like building things along with her!

+ Ball pit : we bought this last year for her Easter gift and now she loves placing her stuffed animals in it more than anything and will get inside the pit to throw the balls out to us, which makes for a fun game of catch lol.

+ Cozy Coupe : Avery loves to ride this around the house and also loves driving around outside with it! Here’s a link for how we turned ours into a vintage VW van for her birthday!

+ Princess castle : Avery got one from her Godparents for Christmas and she loves playing and “reading” in it! She especially loves when we turn on the star lights inside of it!

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