A random fact about me some of you may not believe to be true

The other day as I was flipping through my day planner, I found a list of blog post ideas I’d written over the past few months that I just have not gotten around too. Today, I am going to start with one! A few months ago I was thinking about relationships and all the various types of relationships we each have with different people and how each of those relationships differ. I got stuck on the notion that of them all, who really knows you the best? Like the real you? Your partner, your work bestie, your real life bestie, your mom, your sister, etc, etc. That’s a whole blog post in and of itself and is something else I really want to jump into too, and will eventually!

Instead, on the very surface, I was thinking well who knows like everything about me? Obviously my sister and my husband are pretty neck and neck on that one. So next in my deliberation, I started thinking well is there any random thing that one of them knows that the other doesn’t? Which is a no, LOL. BUT then I was thinking, we all probably have like one random thing that the general population does not know about us, or would be surprised to know about us, so what would mine be? This was what I landed on and am sharing with you- I have never done a single drug in my entire life, not even marijuana (not that my mom would care -____-), I also actually had my very first alcoholic beverage on my 21st birthday.

Not that I want a medal or anything ( 🙂 ) but at least in my friend group, I’m definitely a rare breed!

Well, what’s a random fact about you that not everyone would know?

Lmk in the comments!

One comment

  1. Like, not even ibuprofen???

    I’m actually allergic to alcohol. Not like deathly allergic though. My muscles start hurting; specifically my biceps, thighs, and neck.


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