What’s the deal with Reels?

Soooo I feel like everyone is talking about IG Reels taking over Instagram and what their thoughts are on the matter.

Well, here’s mine.

I like an occasional Reel to showcase an event or a trip where photos just don’t sum up the entire memory. I’ve made tons of Reels of our many trips to Disneyland and love watching them over and over (mainly because video of Avery walking down Main Street just warms my heart like no other). But the Reels with people just standing in front of the camera twirling around in an outfit? Or walking past the camera nonchalantly like you didn’t just set up the phone with the very intention of filming yourself walking by? Yeah, that’s gotta go. I literally cringe every time I see a video like that and it makes me so sad that that’s where the platform is headed. I liked seeing cute, still photos of my friends and seeing photos of their days, trips, kids, etc. Now, I hardly see anything my friends post at all unless there was a story first that cues me to look at their feed.

Obviously there’s a market and an algorithm that is proving that Reels do better than still photos, BUT I just can’t seem to get on board with it. I get that Instagram has to compete with TikTok and, IMO is trying to be the only social media app out there by taking over Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok, but for people like me, who can’t keep up with every new fad there is out there, I liked my old IG. I don’t have a TikTok just because I’m too impatient and don’t have the time to sift through an entire video about what you made or the before and after of your remodel- just let me swipe through the photos or read the recipe and let’s call it a day.

All of this to basically say, I’m not a fan of the 24/7 Reels and miss the days of cute feeds full of pretty pictures. Also- miss the days of actually seeing my friends’ posts instead of an ad or sponsored post every time I scroll through.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, if you’re on Instagram, how do you feel? Do you like the new algorithm favoring Reels or do you miss the old IG (like me)?

One comment

  1. I feel similar to you, reels are fun but not every single post needs to be one otherwise all the social media platforms start to blur into one and lose what makes them unique. I’ve started clicking on the little drop down arrow to choose ‘Following’ by the word Instagram when I open the app and I don’t see the sponsored/suggested posts anymore and it shows post from those I actually following in chronological order like the old Instagram 🙂 x


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