Reintroducing Myself

Hi friends!

It has certainly been awhile. But I’m back and am definitely going to be committing a lot more time over here! In lieu of that, I thought I’d start with sharing a few fun facts about me in order to reintroduce myself in case any readers have forgotten who’s behind the screen at OnAnotherCoast.

+ My name is Amanda and my favorite color is purple! Has been since I was a little girl. Not quite sure why, I knew my dad liked it and I guess that’s what first made me like it so much and it’s been my favorite color ever since!

+ I currently live in Orange County, CA with my husband, our baby girl, and our cat. We were very lucky to have wound up in Orange County and now cannot imagine ever living anywhere else (sorry mom).

+ My favorite place is Disneyland and nowadays, with my daughter, it’s become even more of a special place for me. Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite ride of all time! Little mini Disney related fun fact- I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie and honestly don’t see that changing, even though one of my best friends strongly tries her best to convince me otherwise.

+ Favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean and I have no shame in admitting that I know every word of every line in the movie and it’s sequel. The third movie I just didn’t have the time to watch enough to learn them all but could probably get by on some scenes!

+ My husband and I have done 2 cross country road trips together (one with our cat in tow). You can check out my TRAVEL or YOUTUBE tabs on my homepage to learn more about them! We love road-tripping and will literally plan one on whim if we find out we have a few days to ourselves.

+ My first drink was actually on my 21st birthday (how many people can actually say that??) To quote my sister, I’m definitely “straight edge” in all senses of the phrase and I happen to think that’s pretty cool of me.

+ My blog started as a hobby back in 2015 when my husband and I moved from California to Florida.

+ I work in healthcare and feel really lucky to have a job I love where I feel fulfilled, appreciated, and like I am making a difference in people’s lives.

+ My sister is my best friend and complete polar opposite, but we like it that way. We’re 22 months apart in age and I’m older- even though most people who first meet us, think she’s the older one.

+ My husband and I met in college, where we both played Division I soccer.

+ My favorite season is Fall and any/all things pumpkin spice are my absolute favorite. I truly look forward to Fall every year and cannot wait for summer to wind down to break out my pumpkin scented candles.

+ I work in healthcare but if I didn’t love my job, I’d want to be an archeologist (preferably digging up mummies in Egypt), an interior designer (I had a serious obsession with HGTV growing up), or a wedding planner (I had the absolute BEST time planning my wedding and can talk all things wedding ALL DAY).

+ Country music is my jam and I’ve been to 28 Keith Urban concerts. I can thank my mom for probably 14 of them- all of which occurred over the same tour. Twas a damn good time and one of my favorite childhood memories.

+ Cat person (sorry everyone)

+ Blogging is my favorite hobby, even though I sometimes have a hard time thinking of things to talk about. Second to blogging, my hobbies include running, reading, and decorating! I wish I could say cooking, but I’ve never been good at it and sadly, don’t actually like it. I’ve made a new years resolution probably about 20 times to learn to cook and to cook more but really never follow through with it– maybe one year!

Now tell me some things about YOU! Would love to know where you guys are from, what you do, etc. 

One comment

  1. I was wondering if you’d ever come back after stepping into motherhood… guess I’ve been following for a long time because none of these facts were news to me. πŸ˜›

    And you probably know this about me, but I live in southwest Virginia and also work in healthcare (state department). I hate cheese, can juggle, and can’t snort on command, but can while laughing.


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