Depp Trial Thoughts

Let me start this off by saying two things- one, I’ve purposefully held off on sharing any of my thoughts on this trial to anyone other than my family, up until today. I wanted to be able to watch the trail, in it’s entirety, myself and have the solstice to do that without any other distractions or debates with others. I like to think I’m a pretty cautious person when it comes to the things I’m putting out there and supporting- so when it came to this case, I didn’t want to form an opinion until all of the evidence and testimony was given in this case.

So for 6 weeks, after putting my daughter down for bed, I re-watched the trial day by day, picking up where I left off the next day. And honestly, it was a pretty grueling 6 weeks- if you hung in there and watched the trial in it’s entirety (not just the highlights/big moments) I applaud you!

The second thing I would like to say, is this- in being 10000% transparent I would like to share with you all that I am a huge Johnny Depp fan. So if that’s going to stop you from reading any further because you believe that automatically makes me biased- that’s fair and I won’t hold it against you.

My history with being a Johnny Depp fan began in 2003 when the first Pirates of the Caribbean film came out. Literally had no idea who any of the actors were and watched it because my best friend at the time had an obsession with Orlando Bloom and naturally that made me want to hate on everything he did, sorry Olivia. I watched that first movie with the intention of hating it so that I could talk trash to her but actually loved the movie and fell in love with Captain Jack Sparrow rather quickly. We binged watched that movie together so many times that I learned to recite all the lines of the entire move (still can btw #noshame). Johnny Depp was my “posters on the wall” growing up crush. I even had the life size cut-outs of his movie characters up in my room (although the Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland one was pretty creepy).

So in all transparency, that’s my backstory. Now when the allegations agains Johnny Depp first came out in 2016, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it and was in denial over the whole thing. Then the TMZ video of him smashing cabinets was leaked and the facade I had of him started to crack. That’s when I started to separate the man and the characters he portrayed- which I loved. I spent a lot of time defending the fact that he was/is an incredible actor and that that could remain separate from whatever turmoil unraveled in his personal life- which was admittedly, a hard pill to swallow.

I can’t say I continued to really follow his career at that point (not that he really had one because of the allegations). Saw the last Pirates movie in 2017 (not the best of the 5, but still loved it), but other than that I’m not a fan of his band (haven’t heard any of their music), and I haven’t seen any of the independent films he’s been in- so my level of “die hard JD fan” is definitely not up to par with millions of others.

When this recent trial started on April 11th, I felt it my duty (as someone who adamantly grew up obsessing over the man) to really pay attention and make my own mind up on the matter. Of course none of us knows what goes on in a marriage behind closed doors, but surely televising/streaming this trial and all its evidence would allow anyone watching to come to their own conclusions rather than consuming the heavily marketed and strategized headlines of newspapers and media and paid PR.

***sidebar: Sadly, I think that socially, because Johnny Depp is a man, in order to regain his reputation in the eyes of the public, having this trial streamed live was something he had to do. I can’t imagine either party wanting to air all of their dirty laundry the way this trial did- but Johnny Depp wanted truth and he wanted everyone to know his. Having the trial streamed in this way allowed for that. I’m not sure, even if the jury ruled the same, that his public reputation would have been restored had the trial been private/closed to the public.

I agree that Mr. Depp has said some pretty crude and outlandish things, things I don’t believe any person- man or woman, should say about another human being. I also am sure that some of the things Ms. Heard testified too are true, at least at their bare minimum. I’m sure the two of them had verbal arguments throughout the marriage but at some point, Ms. Heard decided to build upon them and come up with stories of abuse that just did not happen. I listened to the evidence, for nearly every allegation, there was evidence against it. And I just couldn’t believe that all of this had gone unchecked, especially considering the previous UK case. The photos of her at movie premieres and on tv shows, the day after or THE SAME day she alleged she was beaten to the point of having bruises, black eyes, and/or a broken nose? It just doesn’t and didn’t add up. And the more I watched as the trail went on, the more upset I got over it. It was madness! There is nothing I hate more than a liar and hearing all the contradictions just made it so easy for me to go back to my position of defending Johnny Depp and routing for him in the end.

After the verdict was read today, I was relieved. I believe that today should be celebrated. After 6 long years, someone, a human being, was liberated from false allegations made against them. Allegations that affected every aspect of this persons life. Should we not all relish and uplift that?

I do NOT take domestic violence lightly and can see the point of view from those who think that this trial was wrongly used for entertainment. I agree that some people did get involved and interested in the case solely because of the circus it became, but to echo my point above, Mr. Depp wanted the truth to get out there and ultimately wanted to regain his reputation and life back. If this trial was not streamed and open for consumption in the way that it was, I’m not sure that would have happened. To some degree, I’m sure he also wanted to make a point to studio executives and producers that he is still employable and does still have fans that will rally behind him. Let’s not forget, he is also fighting for a JOB in the industry he has spent his life in. A job that relies heavily on how like- able and how marketable you are.

I believe with the verdict in his favor, he has accomplished everything he wanted this case to accomplish for him. I am happy he got to speak his truth, to the world, and that he can finally move on with his life. I am hoping studios who wrongfully dropped him, will apologize and find a way to lift him up. *cough cough* DISNEY *cough cough*

Although, I really do not blame him if he never came back as Captain Jack Sparrow. I can’t imagine how it must of felt for him to be dropped from a wildly successful franchise, one that HE built, without having been actually proven guilty.

Well- do you have any thoughts, either way?

I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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  1. You echo many of the same sentiments I have, though I would have never considered myself a Depp diehard; just an admirer. I’ve been watching the trial unfold from the beginning and you’re correct, it got pretty grueling at times. As a former victim of sexual assault, my first instinct was to side with Amber. Then as the trial went on and we started to hear her testimony, things weren’t adding up. Then I determined that they were both at fault for mental abuse, but she seemed to be the instigator in most instances and she was the one that admitted to getting physical. Towards the end, my heart bled for Johnny. I’m satisfied with the outcome of the jury and hope they can both move on from their horrible relationship with each other and that Amber gets the mental help she desperately needs.

    Also something that didn’t/doesn’t sit right with me is the way that Amber addressed the jury every time she spoke. I don’t know if she was instructed to do so by her legal team or if she picked that up after watching Dr. Curry’s testimony. When I was going through the trial for my sexual assault case, the way the courtroom was set up was with the ‘stand’ directly in front of and facing the jury. While I was being questioned, I avoided making eye contact with everyone: the jury, my legal team, the DA, the judge… At times I was telling a gruesome, personal story about my life; I was already uncomfortable. No way was I going to allow myself to be even more vulnerable by giving eye contact with those there to scrutinize my story. I do understand that every victim heals and reacts differently, but the way she spoke directly to the jury came across as authoritative.

    A little fun fact about the trial: I have an aunt that works at the Fairfax Co. Courthouse and she said it’s been an absolute madhouse from the beginning, but something she noticed right from the start is that every day court is dismissed, Amber exited through the judge’s chambers while Johnny was taken down the hall they use for the jailers/prisoners. I thought that was interesting…


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