Golden Goose Shoe Review

SO, I’ve gotten quite a few DM’s inquiring about my Golden Goose shoes- if I actually like them, if they’re worth the $$$, if they’re even comfortable, etc. I’ve given the same answer over and over and thought I’d give that answer a permanent space over here on the blog!

For those who are not familiar, Golden Goose is an Italian luxury brand that is best known for their iconic lived in, imperfect, unique sneakers. I’d been contemplating getting a pair for years debating whether or not they were worth the money (they are a luxury shoe after all) or if I would really wear them all that much.

My husband has a nag for buying me things that I want but won’t bite the bullet myself (not that I’m complaining) and he ended up buying me my first pair for our second wedding anniversary (the laces are cotton after all!) followed shortly after by my second and third pair.

To say I’m addicted is an understatement (a feat my cousin predicted rather quickly- thank you Caitlin!). In my opinion, they really are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned- once broken in. For me, it takes a good week to break them in and I do get some pretty gnarly blisters along the way. But the pain is worth it! After they’re broken in, they are so comfortable and compliment any outfit- jeans, shorts, dresses, etc.

If you’re contemplating getting a pair I’d definitely say 100000% do it! You won’t regret it! Below are some of my tips (from experience) for purchasing/breaking in your Golden Goose!

+ For your first pair- keep it neutral. Golden Goose has a nag for making very LOUD, bright, obnoxious looking sneakers (in addition to sleek, classy styles) . Because they are expensive, I’d suggest sticking to styles that you know you’ll love over the years.

+ Wear band-aids around your heals the first few times you wear them. I would’ve saved myself some pain, for sure!

+ If you can, go to a Golden Goose store in person to make sure you get your correct size!

+ Put the shoes in the bathroom while you shower so the steam can loosen the leather; if you’re a former athlete, you might already know this trick well! We used to stick our soccer cleats in the bathroom to break them in faster!

I’ve also officially turned Joey into a Golden Goose fan too! I bought him a pair as a gift recently and he was sold pretty quickly!

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