2021 Books

  1. The Splendid And The Vile by Erik Larson: 9/10 : If you’re a big history buff (like me) you’ll love this book! It’s essentially a firsthand telling of all the things Winston Churchill, his cabinet, and his family went through as England went to war with Germany when he served as Prime Minister. It uses diary entries and historical references to complete the intimate look at what the war was really like from those in power around Churchill. I really enjoyed reading it, it makes you feel like you’re really there, experiencing all the (terribly difficult) things these historical figures went through- both personally and publicly as political figures dealing with tragedy.
  2. Deep State by Chris Hauty: 2/10 : Honestly, skip it. The best part was the last chapter and even then, the book is pretty long so I wouldn’t say it’s worth the effort. The book was pretty boring and although it had a good plot (in theory) it didn’t really live up to it. Maybe its because I’ve watched political thrillers on TV so was constantly comparing the book to what I’ve seen played out on screen and the book didn’t really hit any of the marks I felt it could have.
  3. To Shake The Sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins: 9/10 : This book was recommended to me by one of my best friends and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I love a good adventure story that makes you really reflect on your own life and what life means to you. It’s essentially the travel log for Jedidiah Jenkins as he biked from Oregon to Patagonia.
  4. Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson: 10/10 : I think I know who my second favorite author is! (My first is Paulo Coelho) This was the second Erik Larson book I’ve read and I absolutely love the way he writes! He writes about historical events from the perspective of the people who lived through them, using their diaries and personal recollections of the time. This one was about the hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas in the 1900s. I swear this book should be turned into a movie. I couldn’t put the book down. I’m a sucker for anything historical and I was addicted to reading this one! I cannot wait to start my next Erik Larson book!
  5. The Spy by Paulo Coehlo: 10/10 : I loved this book so much! It is a true story about a woman named Mata Hari and is told in her voice through her last letter that she wrote to her lawyer before she was executed for espionage. Apparently there are a bunch of books and documentaries that have been made about her life and I cannot wait to do more research and learn more about her!
  6. The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coehlo : 6/10 : Honestly, this one was hard for me to get through. It’s written as if someone is interviewing acquaintances and friends of the main character, the “witch of Portobello” but they don’t really elaborate on why until the very end.

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  1. I love your writing ! You are very good at descriptions and details and expressing enthusiasm ! You are motivating and you’ve inspired me to read some books!

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