New Years Resolutions

Well, we’ve reached 2022! I love all the possibility the start of a new year brings. Not that I believe everything just starts over on January first and is instantly better than things were on December 31st. BUT I love the idea of creating your resolutions and making lists of what you want to accomplish for the next year.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season this year and if you’re into writing New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you’ve got yours figured out and/or are getting them down on paper! Here are a few of mine, they’re pretty simple but I don’t think resolutions have to be all that complicated. You don’t have to bike the Patagonia trail if you don’t want too 🙂

+ Read at least 6 books throughout the year: This has been a running resolution for me and sometimes I beat it and others I barely make it- like this year. I literally finished my 6th book over my holiday break from work for Christmas.

+ Cook more with my husband : So Joey’s the big cook in our family. Usually Avery and I are playing or reading together while Joey is cooking in the kitchen, I love the idea of being able to cook with Avery as she gets older as well as being able to have fun as a family cooking and putting together a meal. I think this year, with Avery a little more independent, I could definitely learn and do more cooking!

+ Plan more family events : This has been such a strange year (as was last year) but this next year, I want to plan more family events and outings. I’d love Avery to grow up close to her cousins and family.

+ Get back to blogging and podcasting regularly : Lately, I haven’t been the most organized with committing time to blogging or podcasting. Hence, why I have a few partnerships that I’ve yet to put together content for. BUT this new year, I’m going to prioritize getting these things done! I’ve been so busy at work that I just get home and spend my time focusing on Avery and then when she goes to bed, I do juuuussttt about the same.

+ Exercise : I’ve been running and walking regularly with Avery in the jogger, but I want to get back into weight lifting this year . Not excessively because I actually loathe weight lifting but a little bit wouldn’t hurt!

+ Continue to love my life, soak up and enjoy every moment : I know that’s cliche. But I thoroughly love my life and am so so so excited for another year of life with my adoring husband and beautiful baby girl.

+ Fill in Weekly Gratitudes : In my day planner, every week there’s a place to fill in your weekly gratitude. I started off really strong with this last year, but fell off about half way through. I want to commit to filling it out at the end of every week. I think it’s so good to reflect and realize the good that comes from every week.

Well, what are your biggest resolutions for the next year?

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