Family Photos 2021

Hi friends!

Finally getting around to sharing photos from our Holiday 2021 shoot!

I was SO excited to shoot family photos this year for our Christmas card and am now equally excited to share them virtually with all of you!

This was our 3rd year sending out cards and I’ve collected and kept one from each year for myself. Our first card was after we got married and our second was from our maternity shoot so it is only fitting that our third be our first card with our baby girl!

Tips for Shooting Family Photos with a Baby

+ Feed baby right before// schedule your shoot after a meal time. This ensures that baby won’t be hungry/hangry when you want them to be their most smiliest!

+ Bring toys! If Avery got distracted, we gave our photog one of her favorite toys to hold right above the camera to make sure Avery was looking.

+ Know the weather, make sure that whatever your dressing your baby in, that they’ll be comfortable. If they’re too hot or too cold that isn’t going to make for a happy photoshoot!

+ Play music (if your baby likes that sort of thing). Avery LOVES music, so throughout the shoot, we played all her favorite songs to keep her happy and dancing! Music is always a fun way to lighten the mood for adults too!

I absolutely LOVED the dress I wore for our shoot! I knew right away I wanted to do something a little dressier for this years photo and knew I definitely wanted Joey in a suit. I found Avery’s velvet dress at a local Sunday “farmer’s market” type thing for baby related vendors and fell in love with the champagne color and boho feel. To compliment the darkness of Joey’s suit and the lightness of Avery’s dress, I chose this rust colored gown from Pink Blush! I absolutely LOVE their clothing and have worked with them a few times in creating every day and photoshoot looks.

If you’re interested in shopping their site, I cannot recommend them enough! Use CODE: MRSAMANDAFRANCO25OFF for 25% off your order!

*** This post is in paid collaboration with Pink Blush; all opinions are my own***

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