Resetting my Skincare Routine with Kiehls

One of my post pregnancy resolutions was/is to get my skincare routine back in action. During my pregnancy, I stopped using basically all my normal skincare products just to avoid exposure to all the extra chemicals. I switched to a pregnancy friendly cleanser and moisturizer and that’s basically all I used. My oils, serums, eye creams, and face masks have all sat in the drawer for the past 9 months aaaannnddd it’s finally time to break ’em all out!

* If you want a list of products I used throughout my pregnancy, click here.

Throughout my pregnancy, my skin broke out like crazy- like back in high school crazy. I also got melasma on my cheeks that has yet to go away completely. SO, to say I’m excited to kickstart my skincare routine is an understatement, I can’t wait to finally get some control over my skin!

I started using Kiehls products because my mom highly recommended them and I’ve been loving the products and have started to see some real results! Read below for how I’m using the products!

+ Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Cleanser Treatment : I’m using this every night to wash my face in the shower!

+ Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque : Using twice a week, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

+ Kiehl’s Calendula Petal-Infused Calming Mask : This one I’m alternating between 1-2 times a week. Week 1, I’ll only use it on Wednesday and then the next week I’ll do it twice- once on Wednesday and once on Friday.

+ Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask : I’m using this one once a week and use it on Sunday nights to get my skin rehydrated after the weekend- I usually wear more makeup over the weekend and always feel like that leaves my skin super dry and in need of some deep hydration. This mask is magical!

So far, I’ve been sticking to this routine and I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin. My melasma has been improving- although not completely gone yet, and my skin has been less prone to breakouts as my skin is still settling down from all the postpartum hormones. Hopefully I’ll continue to see improvement as I continue to use these products over time!

** affiliate links : all thoughts/opinions are my own.

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