Our Nursery

Hi friends!

I’ve had this post sitting in my queue for quite some time. We finished setting up our nursery wayyy back in November, before baby girl’s arrival- all except for one little thing. We ordered a gliding chair that thanks to COVID, didn’t get delivered to us until the week of Christmas, which incidentally ended up being the week Avery was born.

SO, now that everything is officially in place, I wanted to share our nursery with you! I had so much fun decorating and designing Avery’s room and to be honest, it’s actually my favorite room (I guess that’s a good thing seeing as we’ll be spending majority of our time in here).

I’ve linked everything I can down below if you’re interested.

Avery’s bookcase, or what I call “Baby Barnes N Noble”, was basically sponsored by her Godmother, who bought 98% of the books on the shelf. She’s got quite the collection!

* *Minnie Mouse ears collection brought to you by Avery’s fairy Godmother. Now, if only we could take her to Disneyland!

Linkable Items

+ Babyletto Lolly Crib

+ Dream Swivel Gliding & Reclining Chair – ours is the Oatmeal Basketweave texture/color

+ Dresser – we bought this dresser from Ikea, I swapped out the hardware and then we bought a changing table off Amazon and drilled it to the top of the dresser.

+ White Changing Table Topper

+ Contoured Changing Pad

+ Wipe Warmer

+ Baby Dream Machine

+ Nanit Bundle Camera

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