What’s in My Diaper Bag

So since Avery was born, I haven’t left the house much other than to go to doctor’s appointments and neighborhood walks around the block- and this isn’t something I really see changing anytime soon, thanks to COVID. That being said, I’m sure whenever we venture out for longer periods of time, my diaper bag contents are sure to double, if not triple.

For now, this is what I’ve got stocked and loaded in my diaper bag, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

For Baby

+ Diapers. I’ve got at least 5 diapers packed in the bag. If I use one while we’re out, I make sure to “refill” what I used when I get home.

+ Honest wipes.

+ Hand Sanitizer. I’ve got both a spray and your standard hand sanitizer. Spray is easier for surfaces if needed.

+ Antibacterial wipes. You can’t be too clean nowadays, right?

+ Tissues.

+ Two swaddles. I keep 2 swaddles in my diaper bag- one for swaddling baby if she’s napping and a second to use as a cover for breastfeeding if needed and/or to clean up any spit up.

+ Burp Cloth.

+ Bib for feeding. Just in case.

+ Extra onesie. I keep an extra onesie in the bag just in case she gets her outfit of the day dirty with spit up, etc.

+ Beanie. I keep a little beanie in the bag just in case it gets cold and we’re out.

+ Changing pad. My diaper bag came with one, but definitely a necessity for changing baby on the go!

+ Diaper rash cream.

+ Body lotion.

+ Milk Snob multipurpose cover. This cover is amazing! It can be used to cover the car seat, high chair, shopping carts, for nursing in public, etc. I love the Disney collaboration prints but they have tons of others as well!

For Mama

I have a little extra pouch in my diaper bag to put my own stuff in. When I’m carrying the diaper bag, I’m not also carrying a purse because why??? So, a pouch to keep my stuff separate and still reachable is necessary.

+ Chapstick.

+ Lanolin cream.

+ Wallet.

+ Hair Tye.

+ Facemasks. Because 2020/2021. My sister bought us the Mom & Dad masks, so I keep them in the diaper bag for us!

+ Water! I always toss in a water bottle for the road! Gotta stay hydrated!

For you momma’s out there, is there anything I’m missing? Lmk in the comments!

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