2021 Resolutions

I love sitting down and thinking through resolutions every year. This year, it’s taken me a little bit of time to get too, but I’m finally writing them all down! To be honest, all my resolutions are pretty simple- and they are that way on purpose. If there’s anything 2020 taught me, it’s that we can’t have a plan for everything and some things are just better left to spontaneity and the will of the moment. With that in mind, here are my resolutions for the year ahead!

+ Continue last year’s resolution of reading 1 book every 2 months- for a total of at least 6 books for the year! Reading has really been fun for me over the past year, it’s forced me to really sit and focus on just one thing rather than letting my mind multitask and be all over the place.

+ Be present in each moment. I know this might be cliche, but I truly want to be present in each moment rather than trying to anticipate the next one or be trying to control a certain outcome/situation. This applies to making plans too, it was so hard this year with not being able to see people or really have events to look forward too- if 2021 shapes up to be similar, I’m going to be okay with the lack of plans and social events and just soak in the extra time at home, viewing it as a blessing rather than something to be hung up over.

+ Stop worrying. 2020 was filled with a lot of negativity in our world. I worked hard to block it all out and try my best to keep my mind healthy and in a positive place, especially since my body was growing a baby. I want to continue this in 2021 with an emphasis on limiting the amount of time spent worrying. Right now, I worry constantly. With Avery being so young- I’m definitely finding myself in that new mom space where I’m constantly checking to make sure she’s breathing and that she’s okay. This is something that kept me up at night, all night, for the first couple days we brought her home (and still does here and there), I need to work on allowing myself to relax and not worry so much that it takes away from my own health.

+ Drink more water. Simple, right?

+ Continue to podcast regularly. We’ve taken a break on our podcast for the time being, just to really bond with baby and get some sort of new routine going, but we have some exciting plans for the podcast this year!

+ Keep in touch with friends & family. Especially after the year we’ve spent apart!

+ Get my skin care routine back on track. During my pregnancy, I basically stopped my entire skin care routine to eliminate any products that weren’t pregnancy safe. I simplified my routine to consist of a face wash and moisturizer and that was it. I’m looking forward to getting back to using my serums and oils again!

+ Be the best mama I can be to my baby girl.

Do you write down resolutions? What are a few of yours?

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