Musings from the Third Trimester (so far)

+ Holy shit, pretty soon I’m going to actually have to go through labor.


+ Why does heartburn have to hurt so bad? My throat is literally on fire, like after every meal.

+ Try not to drop anything on the floor, because if you do, it’s gone forever.

+ Getting up from bed/the couch – imagine a turtle that is flipped over on it’s shell. That’s how it feels (and also how it looks).

+ Baby moving- the most amazing, yet at the same time kinda creepy feeling in probably the entire world.

+ Swelling, why?! Missing my wedding rings, bad.

+ I don’t think it’s physically possible to get any bigger, yet I know it’s coming.

+ Starving, but get full off 2-3 bits of something…. then starving again 15 min later …

+ Belly button…it’s started to pop out and every morning I wake up dreading what it might look like.

+ Welp, we’re back to having to pee every 10 minutes.

+ Now I know what a kick in the ribs feels like….

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