Our Socially Distanced Baby Shower

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is coming off a great weekend! I know we’re kinda in a weird limbo like place where we’re certainly all over this COVID-19 disaster and yet, we’re finding ourselves back at square one- at least that’s pretty much where we’re at in California. Last weekend, we were lucky enough to have a little drive-by/socially distanced baby shower with our friends and family.

One of my best friends, and baby girl’s Godmother, rented furniture, made a ton of delicious treats, and came up with the cutest little activities for people to do as they stopped by. Another best friend of mine also lent her talents and made the most beautiful floral arrangements to decorate the tables with! The day was so much fun and it was really nice to see everyone! And most importantly, we felt very safe and responsible with how we planned the event.

So what we did was invite people in groups of about 15 and then we spaced out arrival times so that each group had about an hour and a half to come and stop by. It worked out nicely and allowed enough room for everyone to social distance while still giving us the time to really spend with each guest. It was definitely a LONG day for me, but well worth it to see those we love- especially when we haven’t for so long.

Scroll through to see all the photos and details of the day.

We also shared with everyone baby girl’s name for the first time- Avery Franco.

My wonderful Mother-in-Law also brought the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries!

Baby girl’s Fairy Godmother bought a little jean jacket and patches so that each guest could pick a patch and pin it to the jacket, we later ironed all the patches on and I cannot wait for Avery to wear it! I thought it was such a cute and unique idea!

If you’ve never seen the “Late Night Diapers” game ^^^ , what you do is get a bunch of plain diapers and have guests write messages in sharpie on the diaper so that when you and/or your partner are changing diapers at 3 am, you read a funny message from one of your friends or family members.

We also did a little “Baby Bowl” game, where guests could buy squares for $2 each to guess her weight, in pounds and ounces- whoever’s right, gets all the money! We did another game for the birthdate as well, where guests wrote their names on the respective date they thought I’ll go into labor and eventually deliver our baby girl.

All the little games were so much fun and they definitely provided a nice way to have activities that didn’t require people to be in close quarters with each other.

Till next time!


    • Thank you!!!! Awww I love that name too!!! So unique! And I just read your post!!! HOLY COW! “Satans Greatest Lie” ?!?!?!?!? What is wrong with people?!?! I’m for sure going to bring this up on the podcast! I’m so sorry you’re seeing things like that!


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