How I Approach Social Media

Social media can be a tricky thing. Some people are super into it, some people could care less. Since the new documentary, The Social Dilemma, came out on Netflix, I’ve had a lot of discussions lately about social media and how my friends and I use it.

I believe social media can definitely be very addicting and intoxicating in a way that takes us out of our “real” world. And I know a few people who are completely inthralled with it in that way. Here’s my take on social media and how I use it.

Honestly, I could care less if you like a photo I’ve posted or not. I use my social media for me and see it as somewhat of a diary, to remember certain moments, vacations, outfits, times, etc. Do I like having a cohesive feed and aesthetic? Absolutely, but I know most people don’t care about that sort of thing and do it solely for my own entertainment and desire. I’m pretty OCD and in the same way I love decorating my house, I see my social media feed the same way. I like planning it out and have fun thinking of what I’m going to post next.

The same goes for when I’m on vacation- the moments I’m choosing to share are solely because I have the desire to do so for myself more than anyone else. Some might spend their entire trip worried about their social media feeds. If we’re out doing something, Joey and I have a rule where we’ll spend 10 minutes taking pictures before doing whatever we have planned, and then after that, the phones are away. If we’re waiting in a line or for our dinner reservation, we’ll post the photo we took earlier and then again, the phones go away. I think we’ve nailed down a routine that really works for us. We get to take fun photos to remember the trip by but are also actively enjoying and participating in the point of taking a vacation- to unwind and unplug. It’s all about balance people!

The same goes for when I’m throwing an event. I try to have everything set up well ahead of time and will take all my decor photos before a single guest shows up. Who wants to be snapping photos when you have friends showing up to socialize! This is definitely something I recommend anyone do when planning and throwing an event! Besides, it leaves for more time taking photos with guests in whatever photo-op space you’ve created!

The bottom line is this: I believe social media should be a fun thing, it shouldn’t stress you out or totally encompass your life. Use it however you like, post a thousand selfies if that’s your thing or don’t post anything at all. If you’re like me, have fun planning a cohesive feed or post whatever you randomly come across throughout your day- just do what makes you happy and don’t ever let social media control your life. After all, it could all just be erased one day you know? And then what do you have outside those little squares?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media and how you approach using it. LMK in the comments!

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  1. I like the use of social media for diary purposes – I love the ‘memories’ when I can check what I did on this day x amount of years ago. I come across lots of good days out that I’ve forgotten about.
    I have Facebook for personal use – I’ve really tried to take a step back and not overshare. The less I post the more obvious others’ oversharing has become.

    I do have an HistorianRuby FB page on which I share new blog posts but as I’ve been MIA for a while, it is barely used! My HistorianRuby Instagram account is completely forgotten about. I’ve never really got into it, although I should post the odd picture as people still follow me!

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