Thoughts on the 2020 Election


*if you’d rather not read about or discuss politics, I’d implore you to stop reading here. But if you’re open to hearing another person’s views, read on! 

SO, yea, to say I’m relieved with how the election turned out would be one of the bigger understatements of the year. Now before we really get candid here, let me give you some of my personal background as context.

I was raised in a pretty split household politically speaking- like literally 50/50. My dad is a hard core Republican (has been all his life) and it really is something that radiates to his core. So much so that I honestly believe he doesn’t care who either candidate actually is, he’s just going to vote for the Republican. Is that wrong? IMO, absolutely, but trust me I’ve tried to break down the barrier and its damn near impossible (at least thus far, I’ll never give up the fight though!) My mom on the other hand, is probably one of the most free-spirited, loving people you’ll ever meet. She believes in God and prays heavily, but doesn’t use her religion as an excuse for certain behaviors. She believes in a woman’s right to choose and supports love no matter what it looks like. I love my family dearly and would never “cancel” anyone based on their political views.

So then there’s me. Growing up, politics was never something my parents discussed in front of us. When it was an election year, my sister and I were aware that our parents were voting for a new president but didn’t pay any attention to it really, I mean at that point, nothing really affected us anyway. To that same point, I don’t remember politics ever being such a decisive factor in relationships up until late either. If anyone had asked me, probably up until 2012 what my political party preference was, I wouldn’t have even been able to give you an answer.

Fast forward 8 years and we’ve found ourselves in the most divisive political climate probably ever. My husband and I have spent more time researching and trying to understand the basis for each of our “parties” more than ever over the last 4 years and have really spent time figuring out how we feel about certain topics. It’s been a very enlightening process and has really allowed us to grow as human beings. Which ultimately brings me to my next point- as far as voting for a candidate- I will always vote for the person who values human life, who supports and believes in honesty and truth, who respects science, and who will uphold the same morals and values I hold myself accountable too. 

Is that always going to be a Democrat? Probably not. Will it always be a Republican? Again, probably not. I don’t think you have to choose a “side” and stick with it your entire life. Ultimately, we’re voting on a candidate, an actual living person. You have to be able to look at the person themselves and say, do they represent me? Do I believe in what they stand for? I think more than anything, that’s what got us into this giant mess of Republican vs Democrat. Everyone became overwhelmingly loyal to a “party” rather than a person- as if picking a president is the same thing as being a lifelong fan of a sports team. I don’t see it that way and never will.

In 2016 I believe we were introduced to the biggest clown America has ever seen. And at that time, he hadn’t even done anything yet! I just couldn’t believe the Republican Party backed this man as their candidate. It is something I’ll never understand. Four years later and here’s my honest opinion of the man, based on everything he’s literally shown to the American public since taking office: he is an absolute bigot, racist, sexist, and narcissist who would rather laugh at you then give you a helping hand. Who in their right mind would not condemn white supremacy? Especially when flat out given the chance???? It’s not everyday the rest of us get asked to condemn white supremacy, but I’d guarantee the lot of us would waste absolutely no time answering with a HELL YES I CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY. 

So yea, I voted for Biden and while I know the man has faults, I believe he will be the person to heal the nation from “The Purge”-like reality we’ve been living in. Is it going to be hard work and take time? Absolutely, look at everything he’s inheriting. Nonetheless, I believe he is the person that will start to bring us together rather than continue to divide us. At the very least, we’ll get some stability in the freaking White House for the next four years and not a President who gets trigger happy and tweets absolute nonsense at all hours of the day (even die-hard Trump fans have got to be embarrassed about that). 

I feel so relieved that as my husband and I start our family, that my daughter will not spend her first 4 years of life under a Trump presidency. And it makes me emotional knowing she’ll never know a world where a woman wasn’t in the White House, not to mention a woman of color who will look like her. 

Am I sorry for those who’s candidate lost? I can honestly say no, I’m not sorry. I am however, sorry that he was ever given the opportunity in the first place 4 years ago. To some degree, I believe some have been so completely brainwashed that they’ve lost sight of what their party actually stands for- because Donald Trump definitely wasn’t it, not even from the start. 

I hope as we move forward, that we all truly begin to come together again. I hope those who lost the election heal and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart. I believe there has to be A LOT of mental healing coming out of this. Maybe for some, this was the break in your hypnosis and now you’ll actually look at yourselves in the mirror and reflect on what you supported in the past and what you want to support in the future.

For me, I will always choose love over hate and truth over lies. Thank you for sticking around (if you did) and have a GREAT WEEK!


  1. You nailed everything in this post. I agree that party affiliation has become overwhelmingly more important than the actual candidate which is bonkers. My husband (who unfortunately can not vote since he has a green card presently) believes Republics will drop Trump as soon as his presidency ends and once a new candidate begins the grooming process for the next election, they will blindly support him in just the same manner (and I say him because you know it will just be another old, fat, white dude).

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    • YOU’RE SO RIGHT! And how sad that we can already predict that they’ll have a candidate like that. Thank you for your support! It was very scary for me writing this for the world to see lol but I just couldn’t resist with all the relief I was feeling Saturday.

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  2. Amanda, I am so proud of you. You have grown to be such a beautiful human being in every way . This blog made me cry. Everything you expressed is 100% correct and from your heart. Very well written and eloquently put into words! All of my thoughts & feelings too about this election and the soon to be EX-President are exactly what you’ve expressed and explained. I am so PROUD of YOU!
    Avery is the luckiest little girl in the world to have you as her Momma! I love you Daughter ❣️🇺🇸👏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

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  3. Wow that was fantastic Amanda! So many people are hesitant to say their thoughts for fear of not being liked or fear of negative remarks. But you nailed it on the head!!! I won’t deny it was a hard week for me. Waiting, and waiting. But on Saturday morning a weight was lifted of my shoulder and I didn’t feel hate in my heart. Something I never really have. But Trump brought it out in me with his nasty remarks and how he made fun of people. Your little girl / my 1st granddaughter will actually have hope and a chance to be who she wants to be. But I already knew that was going to happen with parents like you and Joe!! Thank you for what you said. Avery is a very lucky little girl already and so very loved!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

    PS I am very lucky to have you in my life as well.

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