Musings from the Second Trimester

+ YAY for energy!! Welcome back Amanda, I’ve missed you.

+ Finally feel well enough to eat a solid meal. I’ll never take my appetite for granted ever again.

+ Hello baby bump, nice to know there’s actually a baby in there.

+ Flutters tickle, like a lot.


+ Pregnancy Acne and Melasma- a battle I just can’t win.

+ WORKING OUT!! I almost forgot what that was like. Actually having the energy and willpower to workout again has been amazing.

+ Peace out nausea, I’d like to never meet again.

+ Ice cream sandwiches are probably one of the greatest desserts ever created.

+ Glucose screening- YUCK.

+ Babymoon- the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever planned.

+ It’s officially game time on getting the nursery together.

+ Shit, I actually have to research stuff to put on a baby registry.

+ Reading EVERYTHING and hoping I’ll retain enough information to actually be fairly decent at this motherhood thing.


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