How to Accessorize Your Bookcase

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Since making a few living room updates, one of my beloved bookcases no longer fit in our living room and has been moved to our bedroom for the time being, happily displaying all my handbags. I still however have one of my bookcases standing tall (although it’s about half the size). This meant some rearranging had to be done!

I like to think of my style as boho minimalistic. My aesthetic is very much bohemian in nature, but with that overall feel I want to make sure anything I’m decorating, incorporates pieces of my husband and I as well. How I do that, is to mix our personality and things we like into our decor such as coffee table books, candles, signs, art and of course photos we’ve framed.

You’ve seen our living room before, but now let’s breakdown how to accessorize and style a bookcase.

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– Throw in photos from your favorite travels (this one here was taken on our road trip from Florida back to California, we stopped in New Orleans with my girlfriend and her husband and had the best time exploring the city) and your beloved pets, or children if you have them!

-Accessorize with family heirlooms. The gold box underneath the candle is actually a very, very old deck of cards that was passed down throughout the generations of my family and my grandma gave them to my mom, who gave them to me.

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-Use books to display your personality. One of the easiest ways to incorporate your personality into anything you decorate is to use fun coffee table or accent books that mean something to you. I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and my mom bought me that book years ago and I’ve always had it either on a nightstand or bookcase. The little Pep Talks & Picker Uppers book my mom had actually put in a stocking for Christmas for me one year, and it’s got the cutest and most hilarious little zingers throughout that will make you laugh at just about anything you’re going through.

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-Add a bowl of Palo Santo wood or a Salt lamp to just about anywhere!

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– Use items that are connected to specific, happy memories! This book is on our bookshelf and I found it at a boutique like 7 years ago and bought it for my girlfriend who was expecting her first daughter, it was so cute I actually went back the next day and got one for myself as well! It reminds me to not take life too seriously and to always remember the magic in the world!

Well, thanks for skimming through the details of my bookcase! If you’re looking for more inspo, follow these links for how I decorate for festivities such as Christmas and Halloween!

+ It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

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