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4 weeks ago, our clinic opened back up and started seeing patients again, although, on a very limited capacity. It was during one of my shifts where a coworker and I were discussing all the shows we’d watch during the month and a half we spent at home. And I have to say, Joey and I watched A LOT. 

Of course, at the beginning of all this madness there was the binge-worthy series, Tiger King, which honestly just set us up for all things bad. Have you seen it? I won’t convince you to watch it if you haven’t, because let’s be honest, it’s not the greatest production and is quite honestly just sad at times. I hated seeing how the tigers were treated throughout the whole thing. I’m sad to say that after this show really ignited a downward spiral into the world of reality tv for us.

Some of you might find this hard to believe, but I’ve never actually watched any form of reality tv before. Never watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians (much because my mom basically banned it from being played at our house growing up), never saw any of The Real Housewives series, and I’ve never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette either. I think the closest I get to reality tv, is watching Shark Tank or The Voice. Which I’m not really sure is considered reality tv or not?

Before diving into Tiger King, we actually watched a show called Love is Blind. If you haven’t seen it, couples go on literal “blind dates” over the course of a week or two (at least I think it’s that long) and basically the guys are on one side of a wall and the girls are on the other and they sit in these little rooms and just talk through the wall to the other person. They do these dates like speed dating and slowly pick which guys/girls they want to continue talking too. After multiple days and nights of these “dates” if they want to see the person in person, one of the pair has to propose and the other has to accept. 

Once a proposal has been made, they each go and get ready for the “reveal” episode where all the couples who decided to get engaged walk out and meet who they’ve been “dating” the whole time. Now of course there’s drama right off the bat because the girls are all staying together in a house and the guys are in another house and they’re clearly all dating the same people, so you get that kind of competition between people- which is honestly INSANE to see because these people will go on and on about how they felt a serious connection with their date, and I’m just like sitting here thinking, if you’ve never seen the person face to face, how do you have a connection?? 

After getting engaged the show follows the few couples as they go on a vacation together, meet each other’s families, move in together, and plan for their future wedding which is only weeks away. It isn’t till the wedding “x” weeks later that they will ultimately stand up at the alter and say either “I do” or “I don’t.” This is the part of the show that is the craziest, some people actually do go through with it! It’s strangely addicting to watch and after every episode you find yourself wanting to keep watching and never turn it off! 

And then the finale episodes, where you still don’t know who’s going to say I do or not is literally nail biting! Has anyone else watched this series? I feel crazy having gotten so invested in the couples!

Then, of course, after having finished the 1st and only season, it was recommended that we watch Marriage at First Sight. I think the produces of Love is Blind must have been inspired by this show. It’s older than Love is Blind and has 9 seasons, but a lot of what sucks and is weird about Marriage at First Sight is exactly what was different/fixed in Love is Blind.  

MAFS (Marriage at First Sight) is a show where contestants meet with love and marriage professionals in hopes of being “matched” with someone. They talk about their values, hopes, dreams, and what they want in a partner. Then- the professionals pick who they want to match and a wedding date is set and planned. The couple literally meets for the first time at the alter! It’s so awkward with their friends and family being there, everyone just on the edge of their seats. 

The couples get married and then go off on their honeymoon where they’ll get to know one another. When they get back from the honeymoon, they move into apartments together (paid for by the show) and continue counseling sessions and check-ups with the show’s professionals. Cameras follow the couples for 8 weeks and at the end of the eighth week the couples meet again with the professionals and have to make a decision on whether or not they want to stay married to the other person, or if they want to get a divorce. It’s literally insane to watch! 

Luckily, after getting all that out of our system, we returned to our regularly programmed shows. We started watching Peaky Blinders again- which if you haven’t seen, is absolutely BRILLIANT. There are 5 seasons on Netflix right now, it is a British show, so that’s the only way us Americans can watch it, and season 5 came out in August of last year. It’s a historical crime drama and takes place in the 1900s, in a post-war Britain. The show follows a family gang from Birmingham as they try to legitimize their business and control the streets. The actors are absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t watch the show with kids though, it’s got a little bit of a Sons of Anarchy vibe to it, as far as the crime, violence, and language of the show. 

We also started and actually finished last night, Big Little Lies.  WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW! I hope they do a Season 3, I definitely think there’s a lot more story to tell. I’ve been a big fan of Nicole Kidman for years, but seeing her in this show, her talent is just next level.  The show takes place in Monterey Bay, California and follows 5 moms through  some pretty personal revelations that bring them together as a unit. It’s got drama, comedy, horror, literally has it all. 

And now, we’ve started the latest season of Dead To Me.  We absolutely loved the first season and are so excited Season 2 was just released! It’s about a woman who’s husband is killed in a hit and run accident. This leads the woman to grief counseling where she meets a friend and the show follows their “friendship,” without giving too much away. It’s on Netflix if you want to watch it!

Have you seen any of these shows? What have you been watching to pass the time?




  1. I couldn’t get into Peaky Blinders. I watched the first 2 episodes and it didn’t do it for me. I’ve watched all the others you listed except for Married at First Sight; I heard from many people that it’s not as good as Love is Blind, so I didn’t bother.

    Have you watched The Circle (the US version)? It’s somewhat similar to Love is Blind, but it’s not really about dating. That one was another good one.

    Also, if you’re looking for a fascinating true-crime style docu-series, check out Don’t F*** with Cats.

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    • Love is Blind is definitely more watchable than Marriage at First Sight for sure! At first Peaky Blinders was a little difficult to get into, but now we’re hooked. Did you watch Sons of Anarchy? It’s a little like that, that one took me a while to get into too. I LOVED the circle! It was so funny! And such an interesting idea!

      We watched the Don’t F*** with Cats too! And holy cow! That was INSANE!

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  2. I watched Love Is Blind when it was first released and loved it. It kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time because we never knew what was going to happen next! We have also watched Too Hot To Handle which is about a group of 10 young people who have to abstain from sex for a month whilst being stuck in a house with each other – would recommend if you want more trash TV recommendations. Also the UK version of the Bachelor was really good. I guess I just loved trash TV with lots of drama!

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