Candles I love

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I’ll be the first to admit, I have a pretty big obsession with candles. I don’t think there’s really a time when I’m home and I’m not burning candles. There’s just something so relaxing about lighting candles and having the scents fill the air.  

During the fall, it’s all about getting my hands on every pumpkin scented candle there is out there. I love everything pumpkin scented and honestly wish I could burn pumpkin candles all year round (Joey won’t let me). Thankfully, to help me wean off my pumpkin addiction, winter comes shortly after and then our space is filled with Joey’s favorite scent, everything pine tree scented. Once Christmas is officially over and the New Year begins, we go back to much more neutral tones to light on a day to day basis.

My favorite year round scents tend to be very earthy; with hints of vanilla, amber, and tobacco. I love filling our kitchen, living room, and bedroom with woodsy scents. The bathroom is wear I tend to stray from my go-to scents. I like to experiment with fresh scents, sometimes that means a fruity or citrus tones or fresh linen accents.

I have candles everywhere throughout our space. They make great accents to bookcases, bar carts, centerpieces for coffee tables, and dinner tables.  Below are some of my favorite brands and candles that I find myself buying pretty frequently. I ran out of a few and can’t wait till quarantine is lifted to go out and get some more! As always, all links are down below! 



+ Diptyque : This is a pretty iconic brand that you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest and IG. For as pretty as they look, they smell just as good! All their scents are honestly amazing but the vanilla & ambre scents are my favs! 

+ Voluspa : My mom pretty religiously only burns Voluspa candles. Her favorite is the Baltic Amber and since I grew up with it, it’s easily one of my favorites for my living room as well.  Both the baltic amber and sandal vanilla scents are very earthy, light scents that even the person who gets headaches from candles, can handle. For the bathroom, I like stronger, fruitier scents, so their Saijo Persimmon scent is perfect, it has peachy undertones to it. 

+ Debossed Ceramic : This is a super chic and super cost friendly Target brand! I’m a sucker for the Amber and Opal scents!

+ Opalhouse : Also a great Target brand, these are great for gifts and little accents on bookcases/ coffee tables. They come in the cutest designs!

+  Hearth & Hand with Magnolia : The most homey scents and anything Joanna Gaines produces, I’m a fan of!

Now, let’s jump into some must-have candle accessories! 



+ Palo Santo wood and Sage Smudge sticks : I definitely don’t burn them as frequently as I probably should, but the wood sticks give off subtle scents and smudge sticks are supposed to cleanse away any negative energies. I mainly have them because I love the way they look on my bookcase!

+ Kraken Bath Co. Butterfly & Birch Candle Snuffer : HOW CUTE is this one! I have a plain black one but love the way this one looks! So whimsical.

+ Brass Wick Trimmer : Trimmers are important to make sure your candles last long-term. I learned to use them when I kept ruining candles because the wick would curl into the melted wax as the candle burnt and then the next day when I went to light my candle, it would not catch because the wick was ruined

+ Black/ Gold Tealight Holder : World Market sells a lot of these super cute trinket trays and bowls. I have the cement one on my bookcase filled with Palo Santo wood. 

+ Henro Company Match Striker & Holder 

+  Jonathan Adler Head Match Striker & Holder  : These are SO cute and versatile. You could use them for matches (as they’re intended) or for jewelry or succulents even. 

+  Jonathan Adler Ice Cream Match Striker & Holder 

+ Match Vial 

+ Gold Embellished Cement Tealight Holder


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