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So, this may be a slightly controversial post and if you would like to skip it, I won’t hold it against you, just like if you continue to read on, I hope you don’t hold it against me. If after reading, you’d like to engage in discussion, I whole heartedly welcome it and am looking forward to it- even if you seem to disagree with my viewpoint. Before going forward, I also want to say that I am in no way an expert on immunology, virology, pandemics, politics, religion, etc. I am just merely sharing my thoughts about what I’m seeing.  Lately I’ve been left with my jaw nearly dropped to the floor over some of the social media posts and reposts going around.

I’ve gone back and forth for the past week on whether or not this is something I should even post. I’ve been worried about whether or not I might offend or upset someone. But for the sake of the staying true and authentic to the very reason I started this blog in the first place, I feel the need to share my thoughts. 

Let me start by saying I come from a family of various political, religious, and personal backgrounds. And no matter how I personally feel or what I believe, I truly love every single one of my family members and have a great respect for our differences.  When we have come to discussions where we disagree, I’m proud to say we are all willing to calmly talk about our difference in opinions and at times, we either come around in actually agreeing with each other, or we agree to disagree and move on. And that’s the same type of respect and humility I bring into my friendships and also this little blog of mine.

I think on some basis, as human beings, all of us want the same thing. I think what changes and affects our views is how to get it- or what it even is.  And in figuring out what “it” is, we all see things differently based on personal experiences, age, sex, moral compass, how we were raised, what we choose to read/watch, and what we just generally ingest on a daily basis.

For example, and for the purpose of talking about current events, let’s discuss all those people who are proudly reposting petitions to “get back to work” and “open up our cities” in the midst of our current pandemic. 

I think it’s pretty safe to say there’s not a single person in our country (possibly the world) who does not want to go back to work and be a part of a functioning and open society again.  I think we can all agree that that is something we all want. Now, where we differ, is with when we should have it.

I’m willing to bet that those protesting, signing petitions, and those who are still having social gatherings are people who have no personal connection to what this pandemic is actually doing.  Being in healthcare and having a lot of friends and family also in healthcare, I see the very real issues and complications that COVID-19 is causing. And I’m willing to bet that if you personally have or had a family member fighting the coronavirus and have seen it’s implications intimately, you’d probably not be so quick to push everyone “going back to work” so quickly.

I feel especially heartbroken for all those small business out there,  I understand that as a small business owner your business is possibly failing during this time, but that doesn’t make you a victim to the pandemic. It isn’ t OUT TO GET YOU, it’s just a very unfair outcome of what this disease is doing- similar to how it is literally and unfairly taking people’s lives.  I make this point because some of the people I personally know, who happen to be those who are so upset they’re being asked to stay home, are small business owners. I realize that the financial stress of staying home is scary and it’s fair to be upset and worried, but wouldn’t it be worse if your business was opened and someone tested positive after having been there? And wouldn’t that be even worse for your business?

I’ve heard the argument- “well maybe the older people should continue to isolate and the younger generation can get back to work and get the economy going again.” To me, this is an ignorant statement, seeing as we know that the virus can be spread asymptomatically- which means healthy, younger people can have it and unknowingly spread it. So if I’m out and about, going to the mall, and hanging out with friends, who’s to say I don’t bring the virus back home to a family member who is more immunocompromised than me? You don’t eradicate a virus by allowing half the population to do whatever they want. 

Also, for those of us who are young and healthy and therefore least likely to die or become severely ill from this virus, I think it’s ignorant for us to do things like go spend time at the beach or complain that we’re bored and are therefore going to “have a small get together” with friends. Sadly, this is something I’ve seen from acquaintances of mine via social media. It makes me so upset and quite honestly sad. 

Do you not think that we’re all literally bored out of our minds at this point? How selfish is it to think you’re exempt from what we’re being asked to do (which is continue to isolate and social distance) enough to throw a backyard bbq, no matter how “small” you make it out to be.  I mean, at least if you’re going to do it, have the decency to keep it a secret and don’t parade it all over social media- seemingly inviting others to do the same thing. 

I just think right now, we all have a responsibility to be leaders and to set a good example for others;  friends and family included.  And trust me, I know that’s hard. It’s always easier to give people what they want rather than lead others against it. 

Which brings me to my next point, I happen to know someone who took herself out of work early on in the face of this pandemic, a full month before Orange County put shelter in place orders out, because she’s pregnant and did not want to risk the health of her unborn child in the midst of the coronavirus. This same person, happens to be someone I’ve seen posting “Let’s get OC back to work,” “Let us work,” and posting petitions for Orange County to remove social distancing restrictions. The sad thing is, she works for an essential business that is still open and functioning in the midst of the pandemic- so she could very well be going back to work if she really wanted too.  I mean, at least believe whole heartedly in what you’re preaching to the rest of the world and walk the walk. That’s at the very least something that can be respected. But you want other people to go to work while you continue to stay at home? 

I can’t help but want to help these people help themselves and just seriously have in depth discussions with them, but I know it won’t do any good and will just leave me more frustrated than I already am. I share my personal connections and what I’m seeing not to “call people out” but just to seriously share what is actually happening in (at least) my immediate world.

I’ve also heard the argument that people believe that in cities where there aren’t (currently) major outbreaks, they think their restaurants and stores should be open, so far as people wear masks and gloves. I can see where they’re coming from, BUT how do you prevent someone from say, the next city over (where there is a big outbreak) coming into your city because they’re bored and want to go bar hopping? They know your city is open, so they’ll just drive on over. AND what about those people who choose to ignore recommendations and regulations. You know, the people who refuse to wear a mask because they believe their Vitamin C and Zinc boosters will protect them so they don’t need one. What happens then? 

And speaking of supplements…..I also understand the importance of keeping our immune systems strong and yes, that does in fact come from interacting with the environment, exposing ourselves to germs and viruses, and by not disinfecting every square inch of something. But we’re not self isolating and wearing masks for those of us who already have strong, albeit even normal immune systems.

We’re isolating to protect those who don’t. If staying inside my house for 3 months weakens my immune system, so be it. I’d rather make that sacrifice and allow my own immune system to weaken rather than compromise another person who could die from spreading the same virus that my even weakened immune system could likely fight off. And guess what?!?! You can in fact boost your immune system, even after this pandemic is over. You know who can’t do that? People who are losing their lives to this virus.  So again, if staying inside my house for 3 months weakens my immune system, so be it.

I understand that for those of us who are being mindful and careful that this is getting somewhat frustrating (trust me, I feel the same way) and some of us think that we should be able to go back to work because we don’t feel sick and maybe don’t even see that many people, but it’s for the good of our society as a WHOLE that we continue to stay home- it’s a selfless sacrifice that just needs to be made right now.

And regardless of how you may feel about the pandemic, whether its a hoax, or if it’s not as serious as it’s being made out to be, its just another “flu”, what is so bad about just listening to the guidelines and staying home? What is rioting and protesting really going to accomplish at a time like this? 

I miss my family dearly and wanted so bad to have Easter dinner together, and hell, Mother’s Day is coming up. I’ve never celebrated Mother’s Day without physically hugging my mom or Joey’s for that matter.  And I’ve been isolating for the past month and a half, so I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t carry anything home to them, BUT I also live in an apartment building with 4 floors full of other people, I’ve walked through our building’s hallways,  I’ve walked to the mail room to pick up packages that came from who knows where (I mean I know it’s Nordstrom and Amazon, but other people have obviously touched those packages along the way), we’ve done grocery store runs where we do our best to social distance but you never know how many people touched that one box of cereal, and I go running around our neighborhood out in the open. How can I be 100% sure that I’m not catching something that might infect me, unknowingly, and then infect a family member more immunocompromised than me? I can’t and because I can’t with 10000000% certainty, I’m not going to do anything that would risk it. Even if that means continuing to have the most isolated holidays the rest of the year, I’ll deal with it to do my part. 

I just wish other people felt the same way. Maybe the smallest win coming out of this pandemic is being able to see the true colors of people and then having the freedom to do with that what we will once all of this is officially over. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, let me know in the comments how you’re feeling about our current global situation. 


just another girl quarantining in her house 




  1. I understand your frustration. And the blatant hypocrisy of some can be upsetting. All I can say is stick to advice and isolate. It may be the best thing for everyone in the long run.

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  2. My question is: say we’re all given the okay to return to normal tomorrow… what exactly will people do in that very moment? And is it more important than someone else’s life? I understand people wanting to get back to work, but my bet is that at least 80% of those same people complaining about not being able to work are also the same people that complain about HAVING to work. That’s just their nature-to complain.
    In my area, I’m working to fight this pandemic by actively testing and educating people about this virus, but we’re also having meetings and making plans on how to safely return to normal without causing a second wave of this sickness. I don’t think most people understand that their local governments have been discussing plans for reopening since this all began and none of them include an ‘opening of the flood gates.’
    Yes. Our economy needs to get back up and running, but things need to change to help keep people safe before that happens. Remember at the beginning of the pandemic how testing was highly sought because test kits weren’t readily available? If things go back to the way they were, we’d run into the same issue all over again. It takes time to manufacture supplies and build stockpiles and us staying at home is providing just that-time.
    For an example, a local university within my health district announced they will only allow its students back to campus in the fall if they can test 1,000 people in a day and have a 24 hour turnaround time for results. Our community heard that and are actively working to make it happen because the students make up such a large part of our economy. A new testing lab has just opened locally and in 6 weeks time, they will be able to answer the university’s call. See, we just need a little time to come up with a game plan to ensure the safety of our community before returning to normal.

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    • Seriously, could not have said it better. You’re right, and I completely agree. People who want to complain will find any reason to complain or riot or protest, it is their nature.

      Thank you for everything you’ve been doing since going back to work! It’s so important. I think that’s a great point you make about local governments trying to find a way to reopen since this all started, I don’t think people realize that if we reopen too early, we’ll just have to start all over again and will have effectively ruined everything staying at home for the past month has done to help.

      That’s amazing that your community has a game plan and is actively pursuing it in order to safely open up.

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  3. Also, living through this experience of a global pandemic and seeing the response, I think it has showed the sever lack in understanding of basic epidemiology and public health. Herd immunity is the strongest force to combat this type of virus, but all people hear is that they can’t go to bars and restaurants, visit friends and family, or travel; they’re not grasping the bigger picture and that is because they weren’t taught that basic knowledge in school. Instead they’re learning it from, of all people, politicians and socialites. Scary!

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  4. Preach. As someone who also works in healthcare, it is so frustrating to see people not taking this seriously, especially as someone who has seen how badly the virus can affect someone who is immunocompromised. I wish everyone would just follow the rules and take this as seriously as it is. I have definitely seen an increase in the number of people out and about this past week as the weather gets better and the immediate fear they felt when we first went into lockdown has eased. xx

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    • I completely agree with you. When we first went into lockdown I was thinking, its only a matter of time before people get “bored” and then start doing their own thing regardless of the regulations and recommendations. I hope you’re staying strong and safe, I know being a healthcare worker is no easy feat right now!

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