What to Register: For Your Wedding


Nowadays, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the more popular form of a wedding registry is to set up a Honeymoon Fund or an account where guests can contribute to whatever it is you’d rather have than loads and loads of physical gifts. A friend of mine recently set up her wedding registry to help her and her fiancé save for a house, so there’s a ton of ways you can get creative with it. Joey and I set up a Honeymoon Fund. It was the easiest thing for us and honestly, we’d already lived together for 6 years so there wasn’t much in the home department that we needed or didn’t already have. Since we were doing a Honeymoon Fund for our wedding registry, I thought I was done and had gotten off easy. 

That’s around the time my mom asked me to set up a registry for my bridal shower. Her friends had been asking about what to get me and she thought it’d be a good idea to throw something together that gave guests another option other than contributing to our
Honeymoon Fund twice (once for the shower and then another time for our wedding). I honestly had no idea what to even include, but saw the importance of setting something up, so I set up an Amazon registry in addition to asking guests to donate to MONOSAR (Mammoth Mountain Search & Rescue). 

Without further ado, here are the items I put on my registry and some added items that we already had, love, and definitely recommend to any future brides out there who are doing a traditional registry! Everything is linked down below!




+ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 

+ KitchenAid Mixer  (more colors available)

+ Copper Canister Set 

+ Le Tauci Ceramic Pasta/Salad Bowls 

+ White Marble Serving Board 

+ Large Wood Cutting Board 

+ Matte Black Serving Set 

+ Apple TV 

+ Turkish Hand Towels (Set of 4)

+ Donut Tray 

+ Wine Glasses Tall & Short (Set of 12)

+ Large Angled Salad Bowl 

+ Braided Chargers for Dining Table (Set of 4)

+ Electric Can Opener 

















  1. We just asked for a heartfelt card that we could read together and if they wanted to include some cash, we would greatly appreciate it. We used the money we receive during our honeymoon on the different excursions and fancy dinners. It worked out perfectly! My cousin even folded 2 $50 bills into hearts for an added touch. I loved it so much, that’s what I’ve been doing any time I gift someone money. When we went on our cruise, I tipped our steward with $10s and $20s folded into a school of fish. 🙂

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    • No freaking way!!! That’s so creative! I love that! And I love that idea too, having heart written cards. We put all of ours into a little memory book which was fun. How did you know how to fold them into fish??


      • I’ve been looking up tutorials on youtube for different things. I did hearts for my friends that got married, the fish for the cruise, and an elephant for a friend’s baby show gift-that one was by far the most difficult, but so worth it!

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