Lake Arrowhead, CA

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2 months ago,  Joey and I visited the city of Lake Arrowhead, CA. We have some friends that live up there and finally made the trip up to see their place. We went straight up after work on Friday ( it was about a 2 hour drive up from our place in Orange County). Friday night was a quiet night in, we all just caught up and spent some time talking about shows we’re currently watching. Have you guys caved and started watching Love is Blind yet?!?! That show is completely nuts to me but sooooo addicting!

Saturday morning, Joey and Brian (one of our best friends) cooked up some breakfast- some delicious French toast and scrambled eggs before we head out the door to explore Lake Arrowhead Village.

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The village area is so cute and is filled with a variety of different shops and eateries. They also host a lot of events throughout the year! Including summer concert series and snow activities in the winter!

If you’re looking to plan a little getaway, you can follow this link for more up to date information and events:

Ready for some quick history facts about the city?

  • What is now Lake Arrowhead, was first known as Little Bear Valley and in 1826 the first white man set foot in the village, he was a fur trader.
  • At the time, two separate tribes of Indians lived in Little Bear Valley- the Paiute Indians (a warlike tribe) and the Serrano Indians (the peaceful tribe).
  • White men settlers and the Paiute tribe went to war against one another after the Indians set fire to one of the settlers cabins.
  • The Serrano Indians avoided interaction with the settlers until one of the men made advances to an Indian maiden, which caused a skirmish killing of both Indians and settlers.
  • The first road up the mountain, called “Mormon Road” was built in 1852.
  • The town shortly became known for it’s logging, lumber, and cattle. Because of this, several saw mills in and around the Valley were built.
  • During World War II, Lake Arrowhead Village was a popular rest and recuperation area for service men.
  • In the early 1890’s Little Bear Valley was chosen as a location for a reservoir. The lake was completely man made and a dam was built to supply water to to the lowlands of the San Bernardino Valley.

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The area is truly beautiful to walk around and explore! Here’s a quick reference list of things to do in Lake Arrowhead, CA. I know I’m looking forward to a trip up there once we finally put this pandemic behind us.

  • Explore Lake Arrowhead Village: Tons of shopping and eateries!
  • Go adventuring at SkyPark in Santa’s Village: An outdoor adventure park with year-round mountain bike trails, hiking trails, fly fishing, archery, zip lining, ice skating, and rock climbing. In the winter, the area transforms into a winter-themed amusement park complete with Santa meet-and-greets for the little ones.
  • Visit Wildhaven Ranch: This is Lake Arrowhead’s Wildlife Sanctuary. This is not a zoo, so it does require a reservation to visit. They rescue injured and “bought for pet” wild animals and provide a protective environment where, since they are non-releasable wild animals, they can live out their lives in a safe place. You can follow this link to learn more and plan your visit!
  • Tour the lake on the Lake Arrowhead Queen: This is a fun and informative boat tour of the lake and the city of Lake Arrowhead itself!
  • Learn the history of Lake Arrowhead by visiting the Mountain History Museum:  Learn about the very first inhabitants of Lake Arrowhead all the way up to the celebrities who now frequent the village.

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