My Boho Bridal Shower

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Hi friends! I could not wait to sit here and write this post! My bridal shower this past weekend was absolutely beautiful! I had the most amazing day spending time with the friends and family closest to me. My sister and bridesmaids did such a good job decorating and organizing the entire thing, if you saw what my bachelorette party was like, the bridal shower definitely did not disappoint!

As I’ve probably said waaayy to much already, our goal with our wedding is to create a day where everyone can relax, feel loved, and just have a good time. I’ve tried my best to create an event completely different than you’re “cookie cutter” wedding.
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Events leading up to the big day, were no exception to that. I really just wanted to be able to spend quality time with those closest to me- I didn’t want to have a 100 person bridal shower. I wanted something cozy and intimate, where my family and closest friends could really bond. In line with that, I didn’t want to have my bridal shower at a venue. I wanted to make sure it was somewhere where we could all feel at home.

My (future) mother-in-law offered to host the party at her house. Joey’s parents just re-did their entire backyard so it was perfect timing! The backyard was beautiful and literally like a little Disneyland oasis 🙂 It was amazing.

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The shower started at 1:00 pm but of course some of my bridesmaids, along with my mom, mother in law, and sister were there much earlier getting everything decorated (thank you ya’ll!).

We had a mimosa bar, beautiful backdrops, corn hole, a stunning dessert table, and catering from the most delicious restaurant ever! My mother in law rented tables for the event, complete with the perfect purple colored table cloths!

Right when I got there, at the welcome table, there were a bunch of gorgeous flower crowns for my guests to wear, my girlfriend and bridesmaid, Vanessa, made them all! And even made me a gorgeous white version!

I had some time to greet everyone and make sure everyone got something to drink (the mimosa bar was so so so cute), and then it was straight to a few Disney themed games that Natalie bought for the event. I’m embarrassed to say that some of them were pretty hard! I’m such a big Disney fan (as you know) and am so competitive that it was so frustrating that I didn’t know all the answers! I’ll leave a picture of the games down in my decor post! So stay tuned on that and let me know how you do!

We had three different matching Disney games, one was match the disney couples, match the love song to the movie, and the third was match the quote to the movie. Now, some are pretty obvious, but some were actually hard for me and I missed them!

The caterer dropped off the food shortly after we all finished filling out our cards, making it the perfect time to have some lunch! After lunch, I had to get photos with everyone to commemorate the day and the beautiful macrame backdrop my sister bought.

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After our family & friends photoshoot, it was time to head inside and open some gifts! Let me tell you, I was shocked with how well people know me. Most of my family didn’t even use the registry and did their own thing, and I was SO surprised and absolutely loved everything I came home with! And the beautiful cards and sweet messages written to Joey and I literally made me cry- in front of everyone.

After gifts, we jumped into some more games. My sister had sent Joey 100 questions for him to answer and then put me in the hot seat answering the same questions, only I had to answer what I thought he’d say, I’m proud to report that out of 100 questions, I only missed 3. And one of those was how many kids does the groom want. (Joey put 3 but as a couple, we’ve decided on 2…so was I really wrong??)

Next, my guests had a 15 question quiz on Joey and I, whoever got the most right won a Starbucks giftcard. That one was pretty fun to see how much everyone knew about us!

After that, it was time for dessert! My mom got the most delicious cake from my favorite bakery in my home town. It was seriously SO GOOD and I’m still dreaming about it.

Following dessert, we went back out to the backyard and just sat around talking. And did that until about 9 pm! It was an absolutely amazing day and everything I could have ever wanted for my bridal shower.

I can’t thank Deanna, my mom, sister, and bridesmaids enough for everything they’ve done in preparation of our wedding day. It’s been so much fun and I’m so grateful to have the friends and family I have. Joey and I are very, very lucky!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my shower!

Next up, I’ll share all the amazing decor of the day!





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