Palm Springs Memorial Day weekend

Hi friends!

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I know its been quite awhile since I’ve been on to update y’all on the happenings around here! But I’m back and coming in hot with lots of new content! Two weeks ago I had my final for my medical terminology course, which I (thankfully), then it was a busy week of work ahead of Memorial Day Weekend- which we spent in Palm Springs for a little family reunion on Joey’s side!

It was so nice to getaway after all the studying, working, wedding planning, etc that has been taking up so much of my time. Now that my class is over, I can’t wait to get back to blogging and wedding planning! (More on that status update later.) For now, lets jump in to how we spent our Memorial Day weekend!

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Friday after work, Joey and I packed up the car, grabbed some milkshakes from our favorite local ice cream shop, and hit the road! With all the MDW traffic, it took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes to get out to where we were staying in Palm Springs. It’s usually about a 2 hour drive without traffic. The entire way down, we listened to music and created our wedding playlists, of which there are 3, for different portions of the wedding day. It was a blast figuring out the sounds that will make up our day and really set the mood for the guests.

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Once we got there, it was already about 10:00 pm so we just unpacked and went straight to bed! Saturday morning, we got up early and walked around the condo complex where we were staying- which was right up against the mountains and just absolutely stunning. Then we shared a nice little potluck style breakfast with the entire family where everyone cooked a little something at their own condos and then brought everything over to our condo to share. It was nice the way it all worked out!

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Palm Springs happens to have my all time conservational/educational zoo (you can read all about it here)  And this past Christmas, my future mother in law, actually adopted me my favorite animal, a cheetah,  at the zoo! So we had to make a visit to see her! Adopting an animal at the zoo pays for its health check-ups, food, and nutrients. It was the most thoughtful gift and seeing the cheetah that I’m the adoptive mother of was absolutely amazing!  At the zoo, you can also feed the giraffes, which is always our first stop!


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After a day at the zoo, it was time to get all cleaned up and dressed for dinner. We spent the evening eating and chatting away with family at The Cliffhouse– an absolutely beautiful restaurant built right into the mountain! After dinner we went back to the condo and settled in for the night. Sunday morning was spent having brunch at Las Casuelas Terraza, listening to music and enjoying the all you can eat buffet. I highly recommend giving this place a try if you’re ever in the area! Brunch was delicious and their patio is decorated beautifully!

After brunch, everyone headed out to the pool. Unfortunately, it was windy and overcast so wayyy too cold for swimming, but we had fun nonetheless sitting out by the pool, playing cards, and listening to music (much of which was nostalgic sounds from Grandpa’s and Grandma’s day!) That night we ordered pizza in, from Stuft Pizza, for another communal dinner in. The night ended and we all said our goodbyes, since we all planned on leaving at different times Monday morning.

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Before leaving Palm Springs, me, Joey, and his mom and dad ended up having breakfast at my favorite spot, Wilma & Frieda’s, before making the trek back home.

It was such a fun, relaxing weekend. We ended the weekend on a high note by seeing the new Aladdin movie once we got home! IT WAS AMAZINNNGGGG! Have any of you seen it yet??? How was your MDW? I’d love to hear how you spent it!

Till next time!




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  1. I love that you created your wedding playlist on the road to Palm Springs! What a fun way to go about it. 🙂 All of these photos are gorgeous & that’s absolutely amazing that your the adoptive mother of a cheetah. That was such a thoughtful & wonderful gift. ♡ All of the restaurants you hit sound so nice, too.

    I haven’t seen the new Aladdin but I can’t wait to. Good to know you loved it!!

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