Let’s talk Wedding Planner.


For the longest time after we got engaged, I thought I could plan our wedding all myself, and I actually really, really wanted too. I’ve dreamt about this day nearly my entire life and have had a secret Pinterest board dedicated to it for years. (I actually started my private “Wedding Board” when Joey and I moved to Miami). I’m very detail oriented- almost to a fault- about everything and our wedding day is no exception. I want everything to be perfect and to really capture us in a way so that every one of our guests feels loved and feels like they’re in a safe, magical place on November 2, 2019.

That is my goal and the essence I hope to capture with our day. How I plan to do that is with our music choices, decor, design, venue, etc. I know I’ve said this before but I don’t want it to feel like your average wedding, I imagine our wedding day (for me at least) feeling like the perfect mix between going to Disneyland and going to a Keith Urban concert all in the same day. If you’re asking me- that’s the greatest day ever, only to be topped off by wearing my absolute dream dress to make me feel like a true Disney princess.

Because of this, I didn’t feel comfortable handing over the reigns to someone. I know, I have control issues. Our venue has a requirement that couples have a day-of-coordinator at the very least. After looking up what that meant, I was okay with scheduling some meetings and talking to some people who could at least put my day together and create a timeline for me- things that I have no idea how to do. I was referred to my wedding planner from a friend who had used her for her own wedding. I set a meeting up where Joey and I could talk to her, I could explain what I was looking for and needed in a coordinator, and she could tell me whether or not it was something she could do. We hit it off right away and she loved all my ideas and was open to doing absolutely anything asked of her.


She’s read every contract from every vendor we’ve signed and helped me reach out to vendors I didn’t even know I needed. She’s given me the absolute best tips on how to save money when it comes to paying the vendors, especially ones that will have time limits- like the photographer who’s scheduled to shoot for 8 hours and where to best start those 8 hours- i.e., not when you’re first getting ready and have no makeup on, because really, who’s keeping those pictures? She’s been such a blessing to building our day and I’m so happy to have her!

If you’re planning a wedding, whether you use a wedding planner or not- my advice would be to be realistic with yourself. If you can take it up, have the time (and sanity) to do it all yourself, go for it. But if you have other things that take up your time, if wedding planning isn’t your idea of excitement, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with handing it over to someone to do for you, I would only suggest that you make sure you’re involved and have a say in things, make sure there are some personal touches and aspects of you and your fiancé sprinkled in, that’ll  make it all the more special and personal!

One of the biggest things I didn’t even realize was the aspect of setting up decorations and moving things during the event. For example, to save on some costs, we’re planning on having some floral arrangements that are being used for the aisle, be placed around the venue once the ceremony portion is over and the aisle is no longer needed. Without a coordinator, I’d end up pulling a guest/groomsman/bridesmaid away from the fun to help me position something throughout the night- taking both of us away from the celebrations!  With a coordinator, you’ll have control over what goes where and when things get moved, and the best part about it is- you’re paying someone to make sure it’s done correctly and you’re not taking yourself or your guests away from the night. This was a big pro for me and why my wedding coordinator was so important to me. This idea of moving things around for me was my #1 question when interviewing coordinators, and I’d spoke to some that refused to do it. I’m happy to have found a coordinator who is so open and willing to do whatever it takes to make our day great!

That’s it for this week’s Wedding Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed!




  1. My beautiful Daughter, You’re very smart and very articulate. You have a lot of amazing qualities.
    I can’t wait to create special memories of a lifetime on your special day! Nov.2 2019 will be one of the most important days of your life. Making a forever commitment to the man you love. I am so proud and so happy for you. I can’t wait for this magical day! Your Wedding Day 🥰❤️🙏🏻
    I love you Amanda Carol! ❌⭕️ Mom

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  2. Damn that sounds like too much work! If I ever get married it’s gonna be in the forest in Sweden. Everyone who wants to come is invited. Ceremony is at sunset, which is like 11:30 pm in summer. See ya there 😉

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  3. Such great advice. When it’s your big day the last thing you need to be worrying about is moving flowers around, you want to be enjoying it don’t you? I think the wedding planner/coordinator is such a sensible idea and well worth the money.

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  4. I think the larger the wedding, the more likely a planner is needed. I actually worked along side my best friend throughout high school/college as her assistant when she was a wedding planner, so I already knew some of the trade secrets (if you will). Like you said, not everyone needs a planner, but a day of coordinator is a must. I was fortunate that the owners of the property I was married at both took on the day of coordinator roles and even my catering staff helped out! I too like to have my hand in everything, but on your special day, I’m telling you, logistics will be the last thing on your mind.

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    • That’s amazing! You lucked out with your venue and all the help they were willing to give! That’s amazing! If you ever write a post about the trade secrets you know, I’ll be your first reader 🙋🏻‍♀️

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  5. such a well written, informative & objective post to discuss wedding planners! So glad it’s been all going so smooth for you 🙂 Your energy & optimism is contagious and beautiful, Amanda!

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  6. You seem definitely more prepared and organized than I ever did when I planned for my wedding within five months of our wedding date! I had a short engagement Haha, I give all the credit to my mom and sister-in-law because really pulled together the decorations and coordinating! Your wedding will be beautiful, and it’s awesome to find the right coordinator for you! Also, my wedding was in November as well! 🙂

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