10 things I can’t live without

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  1. my fiancé / best friend/ soul mate: Joey is my absolute everything. I cannot imagine a day where I don’t see or talk to him. He’s my safe haven and the one person I turn to for everything and know I can be 1000% honest and myself with. He knows how to calm my every fear and worry and makes my life full of happiness and stability. 
  2. family & friendsI’m counting both friends and family as one point here because honestly, most of my absolute best friends are like family and besides Joey, my best friend is literally my sister- so it really is literally interwoven.  Where would we be in life if not for the support and guidance of both our friends and family? I feel very lucky that I have close knit relationships with my family and friends to the point where there’s always someone to turn too for anything.
  3. my baby Bentley: The cutest little baby kitten on the planet. I treat her like a human being and I’ll never apologize for it.
  4. Disneyland: A lot of people ask me if I ever get sick of Disneyland. The answer is no, and IMO if you’re one of those people who get bored of Disneyland, you’re doing it wrong. Honestly. Disneyland for me is more than the rides, it’s about the magic and the nostalgic of the place. Every time I’m there I feel like a little girl again, walking through those gates holding my dad’s hands. It really does make me feel like a kid again and the entire day spent there is so light hearted and fun every time we go because of that. It’s a nice escape from reality every once in a while.
  5. my day planner: I take my planner with me everywhere and detail like every little thing. I write down what workout I did that day, if I booked any meetings, made any plans throughout the week, etc. I’m very organized with my days and with all this wedding planning, my organization and OCD has hit an all new level! (blog post coming soon about that).
  6. sparkling water: I have a crazy obsession with sparkling water and would have a pretty hard time getting my daily intake of water without it. I get so bored throughout the day drinking plain water. It’s so refreshing to sip some flavored sparkling water while eating dinner in the evenings! I drink like a liter when I get home from work.
  7. exercise: I instantly feel like 100000x more productive about the day once I’ve worked out. Like everyone else, I have those days where I’ve worked 12 hours, am exhausted, and just get home and hit the couch and those days are good too. But on the days where I get my workout it, I really do feel a lot better, I also sleep more soundly on those nights!
  8. chai tea lattes: I know I probably sound a little bougie, but FO REAL. I could not ever give up or go a week without at least one chai tea latte, warm or iced, does not even matter. I look forward to the weekends solely for the fact that I know I’ll be able to go pick one up before starting the day.  During the week, I’m out of the house pretty early so I never have the time!
  9. cell phone: I started this thing this new year where every night at 7 pm I put my phone on loud and leave it in the bedroom. If someone calls or texts me, I’ll hear it and reply but for social media purposes, 7 pm is my “log off” time. One of my resolutions was to spend less time on my phone and doing this has really helped me. But obviously, all other hours of the day, I’ve got my phone readily available. It’s nice to be able to be connected to people and check in with friends & family throughout the day. I mean honestly, what would any of us do without our phones?
  10. my car: Of course this made the list! Being such avid road-trippers, it’s probably the only thing we need for certain! I could not live without my car, how would I get anywhere?!? AND specifically for road-tripping I could not imagine not having a car, and therefore not having the ability to road trip as much as we do.

Well, what are some of the things you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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