Current Pinterest favs- what’s inspiring me


Hello there friends!

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve updated some things on here, so please forgive me! Life has been pretty busy as of late, and I’m really not complaining. I actually really like being busy and having a full schedule, it makes me feel so productive and (knock on wood) on top of my s**t!

In wedding, things are going well, we’re starting to get into the decor aspects and actually purchasing pieces that we’re going to use on our big day. My bridesmaid’s have ordered their dresses & we have a location/place booked for my BACHELORETTE PARTY!! Beyond words excited for that! I officially booked the greatest wedding planner there is (IMO) and she’s already just taken so much stress away from me.

I started a Medical Terminology course on March 25th that’s been really taking up a lot of my time. It’s a pretty fast paced, online course, so every week I’m responsible for learning 3 chapters, participating in discussions, and then taking chapter quizzes at the end of every week. So basically, right when I get off work, I rush to the gym to get my workout in, then head home, shower, and hit the books!

I also started going back to kickboxing every Tuesday/Thursday night. I can’t believe I ever stopped going, I really missed it! It’s really such an amazing workout- but more on that on a later post!

In lieu of everything going on, I thought I’d share some inspiration from my Pinterest board. If you don’t recognize the actress in the middle, it’s Leighton Meester and SHE IS QUEEN! Ever since seeing her in Gossip Girl, she’s been a big inspiration for me. She’s effortlessly gorgeous, so kind, and just so relatable!

What about you guys, do you have a person (other than friends/family) whom you look to for inspiration? Other than Leighton, I would say Megan Markle is another big one for me. I totally jumped on the band wagon and knew nothing about her until she married Prince Harry, but nonetheless, she’s beautiful and so well put together!

Till next time! Have a good weekend!




  1. So happy to hear everything is going so well, Amanda!! And I agree- Leighton Meester is queen- loveee her. This makes me want to rewatch Gossip Girl. Haha. Love all these pins too. So much awesome inspo. Thanks for sharing, girl 🙂


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