Well my friends, we are OFFICIALLY HERE! 

My deposit has officially been made & I’VE SAID YES TO THE DRESS! 

I’m so so so excited and truly believe that everything happens for a reason & that this dress personally found me for a reason. I’m so happy and cannot wait to show you all when the time comes!!! 

Saying “yes” to the dress is a feeling like no other. It’s an “oh shit” kind of feeling mixed with the (second) happiest moment of my life (which will move down to third once I get to marry the man of my dreams, the current happiest moment of my life happened on Feb 2, 2018).  It was a real monumental moment for me, I’d been back and forth on my dress for so long that when I finally decided (I saw myself in the dress in my sleep and woke up smiling for the remainder of the morning & I also could not, for days, stop staring at photos of the dress that my sister had taken of me when I tried it on) it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I’m very particular about things and details mean everything to me, when I can finally blog about our big day I think you’ll see just how OCD I can be, lol. Hopefully ya’ll will still love me for it!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I thought I would never find a dress that I was 100000% happy with. I was in the midst of customizing my very own dress and was STILL worried that it would not come out the way I was envisioning it. Which was then causing me EXTRA stress because it was going to be impossible for me to see the dress in reality until it was made and thus, paid for. It was a very unnerving thing for me, just the idea of having to write a check (one of the bigger checks I’ve ever written) without actually trying it on or actually knowing for certain what it was going to look like!

I think the universe was listening to my fears and somehow answered my every prayer when the “accidental” dress was brought out to me. AND NOW IT IS MINE! You guys, I’m just SO excited. 

Above is a little snapshot of what that day was like! SO excited for you guys to see it! 





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