Finding THE Dress.

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Well my friends, the dress saga continues, only now I have a pretty good idea of what I want. As some of you may know, from previous posts, I was very heavily in the middle of customizing a dress that I absolutely loved but wanted to make more of my own & wanted it to better fit the idea of the dress I had in mind.

I’d spent months of back and forth with the bridal boutique & with the actual designer herself trying to figure out if the vision in my head could and would come to fruition. After a lot of phone tag, all my customizations were approved and I was ready to go. So much so that Joey and I drove down there on Saturday to pay my 60% of the dress total and really get the ball rolling. THEN this happened- I had Joey wait downstairs in the lobby so I could ask specific questions about the process and about how I’d really know that what I was paying for was indeed what was going to be delivered. (I’m a little OCD but if I’m paying more than I pay in rent for a thing- I think I deserve to know all the nitty gritty details and I want them in writing!) That’s exactly what I went down there thinking and had all these photos of the [my] dress on the model and then photos of it on me and had A TON of questions because basically the way it was fitted on me was completely different than the way it looked on the model and I actually hate the way it looks on the model but fell in love with the way I was fitted in it.

Now, with this dress, I am paying a significant amount of extra money to make the customizations I’ve already had approved. Then, with this new found information, was told that it fit me differently because it was SO big on me, but when it is created in my size, the dress is designed to fit as it did on the model. BUT guess what?!? Of course, I could pay extra to change that little detail. So a dress that was “X” amount has now been increased by another $1000- NOT including the amount I’ll pay in alterations.

So there I am discussing all this with the bridal attendant and she goes, well let me go get the dress and bring it out here. This was confusing to me because when I called about 3 months ago, I was told they sold the dress to another boutique and that I could still order it through them but that I would be unable to come in to try it on again. I didn’t say any of this and let her go get “the dress.” She comes back like 3 minutes later with A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DRESS.

Now, what is important about this is- I’d seen this dress online. It’s by the same designer as the dress I was ready to buy and I actually loved it when I saw it online and had asked about it previously. At the time, they told me they didn’t have it and would have no estimate to when/if they would carry it at all. So bam, there it was right in front of my eyes. I kindly told the girl that this was not the dress that I was going to buy but actually really liked it and asked if I could try it on. They only take appointments and I didn’t have one set so I was ready for her to tell me no, but she said yes! I slipped into the dress and was instantly in love. It was everything I wanted and was basically what I was designing the other dress to be.

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There are some slight differences that I am going to spend a couple days thinking over and discussing with my best friends/sister/mom, so we’ll see where that leads! My sister was with me and actually likes this new dress “1000000X better” -her words. But all in all, I’m feeling like this was all meant to be. Especially because I had been told multiple times that I could pay my deposit over the phone and save the 2 hour drive down. My dad said I should do that, Joey wanted to handle it over the phone as well, and I was just determined to be there in person to physically talk to someone and I just feel like maybe this is why. Maybe I was meant to be there so that I could see this dress and rethink my entire situation.

I’ll admit, feeling like I’m back at square one is not the best feeling. But I’m certainly more optimistic about what the future holds!

Till next time!





  1. LOVE that sign on the coffee table.

    Thank you for sharing your dress story!!! It can be so stressful & what you end up with can be totally different than what you have in mind too. This was a fun read, Amanda (as usual!). You will be the most beautiful bride. Have a great week, girl.

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    • Awww yay!!!! Have an AMAZING time! And congrats!!!! I did a few posts in wedding about my experience when I first went to try dressses on! My biggest tip would be to try on literally everything. Even if it’s a style you might not like, I found myself trying on dresses that weren’t the “style” I imagined but then I was in love with how they looked on me. Just go in with an open mind for sure! You’ll have to tell me how it goes! ☺️ and thank you so much!!! 💕

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