Valentine’s Day, weekday date ideas.

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I’m here celebrating my second & last Valentine’s Day as a fiancé! I know Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, which isn’t the most fun but there are still fun ways to celebrate and make the day a little extra special! Below are my suggestions for how to have a nice Valentine’s Day regardless of the fact that it’s a Thursday!

  • Cook dinner together-  Pick a new recipe and cook something different together. I love coming home & cooking dinner with Joey, but for Valentine’s Day, we’re planning on upping the recipe a bit and picking something we’ve never made to cook together! 
  • Turn your living room into a movie theatre- Grab your favorite cozy blankets, pop the popcorn, grab your go-to movie snack (Swedish Fish anyone?), and watch your favorite rom-com together!
  • Reminisce on old memories together-  Joey and I love watching old videos we’ve made over the years. It’s pretty cool to be able to take a walk down memory lane and relive old memories through videos or through photos of you and your partner! If you have a wedding video, make a date to watch it together and relive your special day! We’re definitely planning on re-watching our proposal video together! 
  • Go to a comedy club- We have one not too far and usually go with our neighbors during the week. They usually have cheaper tickets and it isn’t as packed. Going to a comedy club is always fun because you’re guaranteed a laugh and it’s a nice way to mix it up a bit!
  • Host a game night for friends- Have the neighbors over for a friendly game night! You could pair up in couples and compete against one another!
  • Go bowling- Go to the local bowling alley to play a couple games against your significant other! I don’t think Joey and I have ever played one on one against each other and I can imagine it being a good time! A slow weekday might be just the time to do it!
  • Go out for dessert- We don’t typically get dessert very often unless it’s a special occasion, and this is in fact just that! We’ll more than likely stop by our favorite gelato shop for some sweet treats to end the day!

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day with friends, family, significant others- whoever you’re celebrating with this year! And if you’re riding it out solo- I hope you treat yourself!




  1. I’m making pizza roses for Fella (he doesn’t know) and he’s bring the dessert (I don’t know and he probably doesn’t either-ha!). We’ve already exchanged cards in the store (like we do every year) and basically picked the same one only mine was about pizza, his was about donuts. We really are perfect for each other. ❤

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