Face-masks FTW



I’m a huge fan of face masks and generally get them as gifts throughout the year. I take my skin care pretty seriously and love the little self love moments I give myself at least twice a week while applying a good face mask!

These are definitely my favorite face masks to date, and I’ve tried quite a few. 

The Clinique mask I use twice a week to exfoliate my skin and rid it of all the dead skin cells that we all accumulate over the weeks with wearing makeup, working out, etc. If this one’s a little pricey for you, I recommend the Say Yes to Tomatoes charcoal mask, it’s pretty comparable to the Clinique version and works well! The Peter Thomas Roth eye masks are THE BEST for really plumping up and hydrating your under eye area! These I use the night before a big event, to really make sure my eyes look hydrated.

I usually only use sheet masks when we’re on the road! I can’t afford to sacrifice my skin care and they really make traveling much simpler since they’re so easy to pack and take with you! I’ve tried a good amount because I’ve received quite a few as gifts and I have to say, the ones I’ve posted here are the best and easiest to apply. Some sheet masks are HUGE and I end up having to cut it into smaller pieces to fit my face, these are all reasonably sized which is great!

If you have any face masks you can’t live without, I’d love to give them a try! Recommendations welcome in the comments 🙂





  1. Do they have Innisfree in California? (It’s a Korean brand, I know others have shops in the US but I can’t remember if Innisfree does.) Anyway, they have a volcanic melting clay mask that I love. I use it twice a week too!

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  2. I’ve never used a sheet mask in my life. I have extremely dry skin during the winter months so I exfoliate and cleanse everyday and moisturize twice a day, but that’s about it.


      • Yes! I’ve found that my skin gets used to products really fast so the positive effects seem to come and go fairly quickly, so I switch it up pretty frequently. I use just the one defoliant, 2 different cleansers, and 3 different moisturizers. As well as a moisturizing BB cream with SPF. 🙂

        Are you doing anything special to your nails? Is that an upcoming post??

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      • ahh I see, I feel like my skin gets like that too sometimes! like it’s super effective for 3 months and then just bleh lol I’m so bad with my nails! I’ll have to do a post on that too, I have bought some new products to really strengthen everything and make my hands look good for you know, that wedding lol

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      • One thing I’d highly suggest is using cuticle oil multiple times a day. I found some in a roller ball at Walmart that makes it really easy. 🙂


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