Traveling over the holidays.

Well, here it is roughly 6:30 am and my sister and I are about to board our flight out to good ol’ Kentucky! My mom is from Indiana and we usually visit my grandpa living there, but not too long ago, my grandpa sold his house and moved into a new house with my Uncle in Kentucky. So for the first time, we won’t be visiting Indiana and will learn all about a new town for the next couple days!

I absolutely loathe flying. It just freaks me out and I always have anxiety about it so I cannot wait to be up in the air and then safely back down. This year, thanks to some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Christmas gifts, I have some new must have travel items that are already making this trip easier!  Let me just start off by saying that my future in-laws absolutely knocked Christmas 2018 out of the park!

  • MY BRAND NEW REBECCA MINKOFF BELT BAG: My future Mother-in-Law got me the bag of my DREAMS! I’ve wanted a belt bag basically since summer when they became the must have fall item. I came pretty close to buying a Mickey Mouse version for Disneyland trips but was convinced out of it by my lovely fiance who isn’t the biggest fan of the latest trend. BUT now I have the most beautiful belt bag that has just made everything-especially traveling through the airport- so much easier! I’ve got everything I need right at my hip where it’s easily accessible!
  • Amazon Fire HD tablet: My soon to be Father-in-Law got me for the family secret santa gift exchange, and I am SO glad he did! I’ve been wanting a tablet since summer because I was realizing how hard it is to read and flip pages and tan all at the same time while holding up a physical book with two hands out by the pool, beach, lake, etc. And since opening it up and learning how to use it, this thing is AMAZING! I loaded it up with games, apps, and books! Joey bought me “Girl Wash your Face” and I cannot wait to start reading it on my flight!
  • Hand Sanitizer: You can never be too careful around the airports! Always something handy to have that’ll help prevent you from getting sick too!
  • Chapstick: Airports are always so dry so having chapstick handy is a must.
  • Books/Magazines: literally the only time I get to read through magazines and books uninterrupted is when I’m flying. Coolest thing is now having a tablet where I can access as many as I want without lugging around physical copies!
  • Headphones: crucial for blocking out any unwanted noise while you fly!
  • Gum: my ears pop constantly on airplanes! The gum really helps!

What are your must haves for traveling?




  1. Aaahhhhh! You’re close to me (kinda)! I’m in SW VA! Hello from one state over!! 🙂

    In the cooler months, I usually travel with a big ass scarf. You can use it to keep warm as a blanket or ball it up into a ball and use it as a pillow or put it over your head for some darkness. And of course look cute!

    Have fun in Kentucky!

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    • Ahhh hello over there!!! ☺️☺️ I brought one scarf but was looking for a big cozy one for that exact reason! Multifunctional as a blanket or a pillow! I need to put that on the list!

      Thanks girlie! Hope you had a merry Christmas!

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  2. Hahaha oh my gosh, I wanted a fanny pack too but my boyfriend keeps making fun of them. I’m like, “it’s about the convenience, not the looks” 😂

    Hope you had fun in Kentucky! & Happy New Year, Amanda!!! ♡

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