Christmas to-do list


Let me start off by saying that like most people I know, I absolutely LOVE the holiday season! There’s just something about the whole house smelling like an evergreen tree, the lights, and coziness of all the fun decor that really makes every day a little more special this time of year. There’s always a pretty big to-do list every year that I look forward to completing throughout the season and I’m proud to say we’ve done quite a lot so far! 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that we’ve been to about 10 different Christmas parties at this point in time and still have quite a few to go! If you don’t follow me, here’s your chance! @amandac_smith and if you leave a Christmas tree emoji on my latest post, I’ll be sure to follow you back if I don’t already! 

Without further ado, I give you my list of to-do’s this holiday season, if you’ve done any you’ll have to let me know! And I’m always up for some new traditions if there’s anything you think I should try/add to the list!


1. Visit a Christmas Tree farm: It was so much fun and if you haven’t read my post, you can read about it here. We’d never been to an actual tree farm before and I highly recommend you visit one at least once in your lifetime! 

2. Disneyland trip! Obviously this makes the list. Disneyland is the absolute best any day of the year but around Christmas time just makes it that much more amazing! They play Christmas music throughout the park and everything is decorated so perfectly! I’d go as far to say that it’d be near impossible to go to Disneyland during the holidays and not feel the joyous spirit! 

3. Decorate a tree/the house: Joey and I play Christmas music (Elvis’ album is my fav!) and dance around as we decorate the tree and hang our stockings. Whatever holiday you celebrate, decorating is always a fun thing to do with family and friends! 

4. Go ice-skating: We haven’t accomplished this one just yet! But it’s on the calendar! I think it’d be so fun to have a little double date night with friends, all bundled and ready to hit the ice! 

5. Attend some Christmas parties! We’ve been to a few different themed parties, two that were pretty fancy and we had to get all doll’d up for, one that was a pajama party (my favorite), an ugly sweater party, and two that were more business casual vibes. We’ve had SO many parties this year that I’ve literally been so exhausted but I know it’s all in the holiday spirit and I’m still having a great time hanging out and getting out of my comfort zone. 

6. Drink hot cocoa: We visited the Riverside Festival of Lights and had the absolute BEST hot chocolate!!! There’s a famous little spot at the festival called the Gingerbread shop and they sell hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, ice cream, they have it all! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in the area!

7. Go look at Christmas lights: I’ve yet to find a “Candy Cane Lane” out here in Orange County but I’m still on the hunt this year! Back home in Ventura County, we have a neighborhood that’s known as “Candy Cane Lane” and during Christmas time, EVERY HOUSE throughout the neighborhood (literally like 10 blocks) deck their house out with lights, all having different themes, from Superhero characters, Disney characters, cartoons, etc. It’s so much fun and I love driving through the neighborhood! 

8. Make Christmas cookies/donuts: This year I’m going to make chocolate peppermint donuts and I cannot wait! I hope they work out and look as Pinterest-ry as possible!

9. Watch Christmas movies: So far, we’ve watched Christmas with the Kranks, The Princess Switch, The Grinch, & Christmas in the Smokeys. We still have to watch the 3 Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen, Elf,  & the claymation Rudolph the Redness Reindeer (my all time favorite). Let me know what movies I’m missing and should watch!

10. Visit the snow! This one we won’t check off by Christmas time, BUT we will shortly in the new year and I’m so excited! 



I’d love to hear about some of your holiday traditions in the comments!




  1. If you have Netflix, The Christmas Chronicles is a good one. My favorite is the original Santa Clause and Fella’s is the Muppet’s Christmas Carol; we try and watch at least one each year. As for traditions, I love Christmas shopping with my mom, and even though we haven’t been able to do our day-long shop together for a while, we did have a lot of fun with our last one that I wrote about: 🙂

    Hope the wedding planning is going well!


  2. This is the most perfect list! and y’all are so adorable. We went to Disney for the first time during the Christmas season, and it was just incredible. Hope yesterday was wonderful & magical for ya! xo

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