Christmas Tree Farmin’

This weekend we ventured out to a Christmas Tree farm for the very first time EVER!

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It was so much fun and exciting, I couldn’t believe we’d never been to one before! We had a blast walking around and wandering through all the trees. We went to a place called Peltzer Pines, where you can either cut your tree down yourself or just pick one out and allow the employees to cut it down for you. I’d love to end this little story telling you how we’d chopped down our own tree and everything BUT we actually didn’t purchase a tree at all at the farm. Let me explain why- sooooo basically my favorite Christmas trees are “noble firs,” those are what I’ve always had growing up and are what I know to be the best smelling, sturdiest trees! What I didn’t know till this weekend was that noble firs are specifically grown in Oregon and are then shipped to California to be sold, i.e. are not available to cut down yourself unless you’re lucky enough to live in Oregon!

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The trees that grow at the farm we went too are called Monterey Pines (which are kinda bush like trees) and then Leyland Cypress trees (which are the thin branched, lighter green trees) both were absolutely beautiful but just not what I wanted in a Christmas tree. None the less, I’m so glad we got to go and see what it was like!

Fun fact about Peltzer Farms– it’s a family operated farm that has been in the business of Christmas trees, pumpkins, dairy products, and citrus trees since 1913. The various groves were located around Orange County with the citrus tree farm portion residing in Anaheim. In 1954 the family sold that portion of their land to Walt Disney which was then used and is still to this day, a part of Disneyland!


You guys, I’ve been SO busy this holiday season but I am working on some various updates as far as holiday favorites, wedding updates (SO SO SO excited for tomorrow’s post!) and Christmas recipes! So stay tuned!

Hope everyone is having a great December so far!




  1. I 100% understand your need for a specific tree. Growing up, my family’s tradition was to go to our Christmas tree farm the weekend after Halloween and tag our tree (tie a neon colored ribbon on it), then go back and cut it down a few weeks before Christmas. We always got a White Pine, so this year I told the husband (after I convinced him to get a real tree) that I needed a White Pine. We went to 4 different places in search of the perfect tree and finally found one. I love our Christmas tree!

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