10 things I’m thankful for this year.

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  1. My fiancé– This man is my best friend, soul mate, therapist, confidant, just EVERYTHING. Every year we have together is one that I cherish and one that I am grateful for. This Thanksgiving marked our 6th one together and every year it just keeps getting better! I have a feeling that next year’s Thanksgiving will be the best yet! As we will get to celebrate as husband and wife for the first time!!
  2. FAMILY– Holy hell do I literally feel like I have the best family on the planet. I feel very lucky to be able to say that both sides-Joey’s and mine- get along great and love being around each other. We always have the greatest time when we’re together and going into this Thanksgiving, I was shocked to hear that other’s (some of my friends’) families don’t blend well together. I have no idea what that stereotypical negative “In-Laws” thing is all about. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and Joey’s as well all get along and we just have a blast getting together. 
  3. Health-  I think this is something we tend to take for granted and as I get older, I’m realizing how much of a blessing being healthy truly is. I’m going to really focus on my health going into 2019 and not take it for granted! 
  4. Safety- I live in a place where I feel safe 99% of the time, the other 1% I’d say is just me being paranoid and getting to the elevator before anyone else because I don’t enjoy being around strangers alone (just little ol’ anxiety stricken me at times). I feel like safety is a luxury that not everyone in the world has. With the fires, shootings, robberies, etc it is something that I have started to question as well. Questioning your safety is a scary thing and I hope going into this new year, as a country, we are able to do something to create more safe environments- whether that be in schools or in public places. 
  5. Friends- My second family. I feel lucky to have some amazing friends that are there no matter what. Keeping lasting relationships is hard work (especially as you get older and have more responsibilities) and I feel blessed to have a core group of girls around me whom I trust with everything; regardless of time spent apart, living a bajillion miles away (Cynthia- that means you! lol), or just being in a different stage of life- i.e. my single gals and Vanessa out there living that mom life!
  6. Baby Bentley- I couldn’t get through the list without a mention of my beautiful baby kitten! Bentley is my little fur child and I could spend hours and hours just watching her run circles around our apartment. I love that little thing. 
  7. Wedding planning!!! – Honestly, I am just having the most fun planning and pinning and having conference calls and meetings. I am obsessed with planning our wedding and am just soaking up every minute! 
  8. Food & Water-I’m thankful for the food and water that constantly fills my refrigerator. Going to the grocery store isn’t my most favorite chore but I’m realizing that not everyone in the world has even the option to not go grocery shopping and having the ability to even dislike grocery shopping a little bit is something to be thankful for FOR SURE.
  9. Travel- I’m grateful for the fun trips and road trips we’ve done in the past and for the trips we have planned in the future! Having something to look forward too is always fun!
  10. LIFE- How amazing is the ability to just live?!? I’m trying to be more and more grateful every morning when I wake up. With all the negativity out there in the world it can get very heavy and I’m trying my best to stay positive and just realize that every single day we have, even those bad ones, are a blessing. 

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What are you thankful for this year?!?!




  1. What a great list!! I’m so thankful for my husband and the life we have together. ❤
    And both sides of the family having fun with each other sounds wonderful! Our families don't get along and it does make things tough, as much as we love both. I'm so glad that both sides of your family have an awesome time with each other!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ❤

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