Wedding Wednesday

***(Posted this a week late- sorry!)

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As I am sitting here writing this, we are OFFICIALLY 365 DAYS AWAY FROM OUR WEDDING DATE!  Like holy freaking cow. It’s officially here and sh** needs to officially start getting done! Which I’m equal parts stressed and equal parts excited about!

As an update, we have our venue, our photographer (whom I’m obsessed with and can’t even believe we got), and our wedding parties all sorted out. What’s up next for us (for the next 3 months) is to book a florist, band/DJ, find bridesmaid dresses, and then book a  videographer. So fingers crossed we get that all in check soon and hopefully without any headaches.

Back to being an actual year away! I’m so excited but I feel like this year is going to go by EXTREMELY fast so I’m constantly reminding myself to enjoy the process, take the time to respond to wedding emails and communicate with vendors (which I’m currently loathing) with happiness and joy because this is only a one time thing so better take the time to do it right and say what I actually mean and feel to those people whom I’m trusting (and paying) to pull the whole thing off!

It feels sooo amazing to be a year away and to officially have a countdown! Today I’ve been an emotional mess just thinking about it! Every day from here on out will be my last as a Smith and while that might be a little sad, I just cannot wait to officially join the Franco family and the fact that I get too, outweighs any sadness COMPLETELY. And hey, I’ll always be a Smith girl!

As for that little thing called a wedding dress, I will leave you with a little update! I’ve spoken to the owner of the boutique where my dream dress is, and she has sent an email to the designer of the gown to ask about a few small customizations I’d like to have made to the dress. So I’m hoping to hear some good news back soon! Once I have my dress, I think I’ll be able to feel a little more relieved about the whole process going forward! And yes, I’m still pretty set on having a second dress and have a few options in that department as well! (None of which are over $200 :))

As always, in any wedding post- I’m totally in for advice from those who have been here before! Happy Wednesday!






  1. We just picked up our wedding video just this past weekend and it is pure happiness! I’m so glad we had a videographer to capture our special day; it was probably the best decision we made!

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  2. Awww so exciting!! It is overwhelming going into it. I remember it was so stressful before our wedding (and it didn’t help that there was a lot of drama with people too, as always with weddings I suppose), but what helped keep me anchored was the app “The Knot.” I LOVED their checklist. They covered everything so I didn’t panic about forgetting something.
    Communicating with vendors is a hassle for sure. We had multiple vendors send us over contracts that they didn’t even take the time to customize for us, so they had like the wrong fees and such. In the end, it’ll all get taken care of and it will be worth the headache!
    Oh and isn’t it the BEST feeling when you get such a great photographer?! I remember being so so so excited. I think it’s because you can have full confidence that the memories of your big day will be so beautifully and artistically captured! ❤

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    • Everything you just said is so SPOT ON from what I’ve heard! And I’m trying my best to be prepared ahead of time for all the drama and inconveniences when it really hits the fan! Thats too funny that you mentioned that app! I literally downloaded it 2 days ago!!! Okay, I’m glad to know that its helpful and actually works lol I haven’t uploaded too much or checked too much off on it but I’ll start now! :)))

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